Anhui Province the first nternet plus innovation and entrepreneurship competition start

is now an Internet era of entrepreneurship, in a new era of such a background, "Internet plus" business model has been recognized in the whole society, a new era of such a background, everywhere on the Internet entrepreneurship competition held.

8 22, Anhui Province, the first "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition started at HeFei University of Technology.

"in our province is the first in the country to dispatch the deployment of Provincial Games Province, is also the first introduction of incentive policies to encourage students to participate in the online daily bulletin to form and mobilize the university organizations participating provinces. The number of college students in our province is tenth in the country, on the basis of the number of applicants to achieve the national number of third, I think this is a great success in Anhui’s higher education." According to the provincial education department deputy director Li Heping introduction, as of August 21st, a total of 86 colleges and universities in our province to complete the registration of the team on the Internet, the completion of the registration of the 2629 teams, enrollment and registration number are ranked in the country’s third.

in the 16 days of competition, each team will pass the project plan, project review and interview, the respondent, investors show Item Exchanging mutual evaluation links, focus on innovation, commercialization, team and promote employment prospects, will eventually top 30 gold medal. In addition, each of the top two will be the final finals, for the final title. At the same time, the organizing committee will also recommend the selection of outstanding works to enter the national finals.

"held Internet plus" Internet contest for many young entrepreneurs is a very good opportunity, at the same time, this kind of social entrepreneurship contest can attract more entrepreneurs to participate in.


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