Hainan Provincial Federation of trade unions allocated 500 thousand to support the employment base o

is now all over the country to create a business incubator platform, although this is indeed an effective means to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, but blindly copy and can not really play the role of effective business incubator platform. Local resources should be dominant, to explore local advantages, to promote the development of regional innovation driving force to stimulate entrepreneurial vitality.

11 18, is located in Hainan City, Danzhou Tong Tong village of Danzhou rural migrant workers to start the official opening of the professional cooperatives as the Hainan provincial trade union employment demonstration base". This year, the Hainan Provincial Federation of trade unions allocated 500 thousand yuan to Li brocade, breeding characteristics, green vegetables, electronic commerce, housekeeping services and other areas of the 10 "Hainan province labor employment and entrepreneurship demonstration base" to be supported.

Danzhou Biyuan planting migrant workers cooperatives was founded in 2013, with pollution-free vegetable base 100 acres, 160 acres of ecological goose breeding base. In July this year, the co founded the trade unions.


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