Farmers how to open an online shop to make millions

is now in the rural areas there are many independent entrepreneurs, at the same time, rural areas with some good entrepreneurial resources, has also attracted many young entrepreneurs to join, especially modern Internet start-ups have become popular in rural areas.

How much capital to open shop in

, even to buy 3 cars, Liu Yuguo is ready again this year bought a 500 thousand yuan car. Prior to this, although he did 16 years of cashmere business, even a Xiali can not afford to buy. Although only junior high school graduates, do not know how to open any of the techniques of the shop, the buyer has been called the most food rookie, but now 32 year old Liu Yuguo has been named for the local outstanding young entrepreneurs.

see Liu Yuguo, found him more than the village people pay more attention to some very classy shirt, casual computer put perfume and his name card gold 10 yuan a "". Liu Yuguo admits his box of business cards to spend more than 1000 yuan, but it seems to be worth it. He said: "before the name card delivery in the past, people sometimes do not look directly away, so their money is printed in a variety of name card, such as the" golden name card "of small business people is the most effective. How much money to open an online shop, one is to accept the name of the business people will not throw away so expensive business card; two is a symbol of identity, it is easy to get the trust of partners." From the age of 16 began to engage in social, contact with cashmere textile Liu Yuguo, and now has summed up a lot of small transactions.

How much capital to open shop

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