Construction of logistics service system in Jiangsu

in the online shopping has become the basic mode of national consumption at the same time, actively build a more efficient logistics system is a very necessary thing. Jiangsu to February 2018, to create conditions for the free trade zone and the new free trade zone. Efforts to create "Jiangbei District Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park Service Trade Area," national Nanjing Software Park Service Trade Area, "Jiangbei port hub" service trade area and the international community health service trade area, explore the establishment of the "online free trade zone".

Jiangbei District

combined with its own characteristics and advantages, the development of trade in services innovation pilot will be the main technical service trade, service trade in transportation, medical services trade, financial services trade, trade information services and service outsourcing in six key areas, efforts to promote the Chinese of University of Cambridge (Nanjing), the European science and Technology Innovation Center (Nanjing) creative design center, Jiangsu province the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Jiangbei hospital, Nanjing Gulou Hospital Nightingale International School of nursing and a number of major carrier construction projects.

For the construction of logistics service system

Jiangsu, Jiangsu province will be conducive to further improve the infrastructure, but also more conducive to strengthening the rapid development of economy, online shopping in the future people will get better service. At the same time, Jiangsu of the Yangtze River in the upper reaches of the vast industrial hinterland advantage, and strengthen the lower reaches of the Yangtze River ports along the coast, east coast port cooperation, to build modern logistics as the core of the Yangtze River Economic Zone Service Trade Area, construction of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge logistics service system.

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