2016 venture capital projects which

said although the business is to achieve the dream of many people, however, for more people, the ultimate goal of nature is to make money, which in addition to their continuous efforts, also need to select a proper project. So, in 2016 venture capital projects have?

2016: digital museum project, make money


project is mainly engaged in the art of figures such as works, picture processing porcelain figurines. Investment needs 20 thousand yuan, of which 12 thousand yuan for the purchase of a set of digital porcelain bricks, baking printing equipment, a computer, a scanner, printer; 5000 yuan for personnel wages and a 20 square meter store (including processing room) the first rent 3000 yuan for liquidity. Processing personnel will be simple computer operation, 2 people can operate. Early may be appropriate to do some publicity.

2016 venture capital project: nursing home

in recent years, according to the geographical conditions and natural resources to start a sanatorium is the way to make money, especially for the elderly retired, the huge market potential, at the same time, may be appropriate to take into account other patients. First of all, is a problem that we mentioned above, nursing costs; secondly, one disadvantage of personal investment, is the place for convalescence field to a lot of trouble, to solve this problem and the state should adopt a joint approach; thirdly, nursing site selection. People who want to live in nursing homes, in general, to the city for the elderly; in the end, there is a factor that is perfect medical, rehabilitation facilities and emergency medical staff.

2016 venture capital project: business services

investment for the project to push the commercial service is a new chain business. Important: tax accounting, advertising agency, enterprise staff, real estate intermediary, express company, company secretary, packaging companies, their number in the continuously increasing, its services are constantly updated and enriched, including printing, photocopying, signature service. This business requires a larger amount of investment, the stability of the request is higher, more than half of the chain contract period of about 20 years.

2016 venture capital project: the characteristics of food and money can earn

investment for the project to focus on people’s livelihood, hunger breeds discontentment, the catering industry is always a market, open a small restaurant is the ordinary people want to start a good choice. Characteristics of food and beverage includes two aspects: first, the characteristics of flavor. Characteristics to attract customers, but also to retain some of the old diners, steady profit source. Characteristics of food and beverage is not to create their own, mainly rely on the accumulation, transplantation and upgrading, and then localized operation, the formation of contacts and influence.


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