Foot shop customers why will be injured

a shop if consumers have a "hurt" feeling, then, if you are the consumer, you will patronize this shop? I’m afraid most of the answers are yes. However, there is a very serious problem in the course of the store business is that many stores do not know why the main store in their own shops have a feeling of injury. So, foot shop customers why will hurt?

in the process of foot store operation, almost all of the foot store there are different degrees of loss of the guests, a small part of the foot store is normal for the loss of customers, the rest are basically the abnormal loss of old customers, more of a veteran foot store is serious, 1000 members from a few years ago now, fall to less than 200 members, had to start a new round of talk plan.

and above this phenomenon correspondingly, there are a lot of talk as foot store as a life-saving straw, but also paid a high price to talk more, actually a lot of foot store operators know: the development of an old customer is 5 times the cost to maintain an old customer, so why old customers the loss?

put aside the objective factors that the client moves, the job is moved, the foot is the foot that the manager is small print thinks, the main reason of the loss of the client that keep a foot is by foot shop "hurt"! To sum up, foot customers feel injured, the most common are the following situations:

first: the effect is not satisfactory. The guests had to foot store is to solve some physical problems, but spent much of the price, but did not receive the expected results, there is a feeling cheated; on the other hand, the customer in the foot store card, become old customers, some reflexologist think is an old customer, you don’t have to be like before that service, that is causing the customer "deception";

second: an accident. Because the pedicure technician is not in place or other problems, resulting in more serious physical problems of guests, the guests did not dare to come;

third: forced marketing. Many foot shop in order to complete the task of performance this month, to set up a rigid performance indicators, so that in order to complete the task, not according to the actual situation of the customer, blindly hard sell;

fourth: over marketing. Foot shop every day to engage in activities, there is a discount on the month, when the guests as leeks, cut a crop and stubble, not to give the opportunity to breathe.

if you are a foot shop operators, in fact, can be a look at, look at their shops in the course of the operation will be such a problem. Once the shop to make the customer "injured" things, the store wants to run a long time, I am afraid it will face a very big problem, so it needs to be handled with care.

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