18 types of public security organs will be canceled no longer open

for many citizens, proof of identity documents is very important, especially when it comes to some place to work, often need to issue a lot of that, recently, the Ministry of public security that the public security 18 no longer open to prove: that the 18 should not be issued by the public security organs.

18 should not be issued by the public security organs to prove

1, resident ID card from 15 to 18, the original number unchanged, need to prove that the same person;


2, due to the reasons for non public security organs to fill in the names of errors, such as: bank deposit certificates, insurance policies, schools, units and other files in the name homonym different, need to prove that the same person;

interpretation: the main responsibility of discomfort caused by errors in the police station, but the police did not know, so should not issue a certificate.

citizen should be the notary office notarized by the notary organ to.

3, resident ID card is lost or damaged, the need for deposits, withdrawals, registration, examination, etc., need to produce proof of identity;


4, resident identity cards and residence booklet and other legal documents, the police station to produce proof of identity information.

interpretation: resident identity card and residence booklet is the legal identity certificates of the public security organs for citizens to release, the police station no longer issued proof of identity information.

5, proof of solvency;


(alive), survival and death certificate;


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