90 after the guy gave up his career to return home to start a small business

saw a cockroach when everyone’s first reaction is to kill it, and with the help of Stephen Chow’s classic film, "Jack" overnight, but many people do not know the great medicinal value of cockroaches, so there are big investment prospects.

Qian Cheng in Shifang city of Sichuan province

the medicinal value of the little-known

"in college, I went to a school about the future of industry analysis in the lecture, people have ample food and clothing becomes more and more intense after the desire for better health." Qian Cheng introduction, affected by this, he finds that the health industry promising. Money put this idea to tell his friend Zheng Tianhang, the two hit it off.

"before we sell a number of cockroaches, the market price of around 80 yuan per kilogram, the price of good quality can reach a higher price." Qian Cheng said, the medicinal value of cockroach little-known cockroaches cockroach polypeptide extracted from the medicinal value is very wide, "promoting blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, protecting liver, topical treatment of burn, hemorrhoids, oral treatment of gastroenteritis and other diseases."

"Jack" live house to eat fruit

money base in the process of cockroaches in paddy field in a quiet room in the courtyard, holding not only has a two room, also repaired the boiler heating for 24 hours, for fear of freezing these baby". Not only that, but also on the money for the fruit, corn porridge, fish meal and other delicious things, allowing cockroaches to go back and forth, rapid growth.

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