Do poineering work on the net still small do poineering work

once, for online business, we all think it is worthy of a small business, one is because you do not need to rent a shop, and secondly, do not need much manpower costs, but also do not need to press the goods. However, this is just the previous online venture, it really does not need much cost. So, now the online business or small business?

e-commerce development to the present, has trained a large number of online shopping enthusiasts, but also spawned a large number of online stores, online business shop has become one of the most easily earn the minimum threshold, small business project. But as more and more people are entering the industry, competition is more and more, in order to win in the competition, investment funds will continue to grow, we have to ask: is this online shop small business projects?

currently Taobao, a large number of shops, opened the shop does not promote the credibility of the lack of credibility, how to talk about customers. For online shopping for the best value is the credibility of the shop, not for the newly opened shop, the credibility and not ranking of business competition, and even ranking, so many competitors have enough by the seller.

for online promotion costs, the need to invest is considerable, a seller of Jilin told reporters that in 2005 she entered the Taobao, as long as there is a supply do not need to spend extra cost in the past one or two years, with the fierce competition, need to spend money items up.

"now I spent on the train every day at the cost of five hundred or six hundred yuan, a month down to 10 thousand yuan, although the network has no shop rent a series of advantages, but with the increase of more and more people join and publicity costs, the new shop if there are no major funding support is difficult to survive."

for the current Internet entrepreneurs, many online stores, new stores are still increasing, want to make their own shops need promotion and marketing talent shows itself quite, and this requires considerable cost, rely on the enthusiasm and persistence is not enough.

sounds like it is very scary, the original online venture also need such a large operating costs, which is not in line with the conditions of small business. So, if you choose to start online now, investment costs can not be low oh.

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