China’s maternal and child products industry 500 billion of the cake

now with the family composition change, children become the main consumer, around the children spend it. China is the world’s largest infant brand market, it can be said that letting a hundred flowers bloom, it can be said that competition confusion.

] [industry status quo China the current number of 0 to 6 year old infants was 108 million, the market capacity of 500 billion yuan. "The diaper products as an example, under the average daily use of 5 pieces of baby diapers, each priced at 2-5 yuan, a month to 300-600 yuan." Vice chairman of the

] [profits of baby products industry is divided into two blocks, one is a popular commodity area (including diapers, wipes, food); two is the profit commodity area (including toys, special safety supplies, daily necessities, toiletries).

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