Greener Grounds Discuss ‘Momentous’ New Album, Writing Songs & More

first_imgThere were millions dust particles dancing in the smoky air, kicked up by barefooted people without a care in the world. Lights flashed across smiles stretched tight and the music penetrated every cell. A pulse of jamtronica integrated into the hearts of the wanderers who found themselves there. The crowd was only about half of those who found this band by serendipity, however, as the other half knew exactly what was coming in the sets between The New Mastersounds and Papadosio.Greener Grounds kept the party going strong with intricate harmonies, funkadelic synthesis and all around positive vibration. Throughout their two sets, they brought out some of their fan-favorites such as “Clairvoyance” and a cameo appearance from Kevin Donohue from SunSquabi to play “Invisiball”, as well as showcased some of their new material just released on their new album Momentous. Hoots and hollers, wolf calls and hearty “YEAH!!s” carried over the crowd of dancers and wild things.Live for Live Music got the chance to sit down with all four band members – guitarist Joe Shur, keyboardist Roland Hanson, bassist Jay Rieder and drummer AJ Gillman – before the festivities began, and here is what they had to say about their music, their skyrocketing career, and what it’s like to be a team in the writing process.L4LM: Tell me about your new album Momentous; what was unique to this album from your EP Photosynthesis?Roland: We’ve definitely come a long way from our first EP Photosynthesis. I think our composition has become better and more complex. We also introduced Ableton. We’ve been a band now for about two and a half years, so two and a half years worth of work shows in this new album.AJ: Yeah so we have a computer onstage now. If you compare them, Photosynthesis and Momentous, you can see the growth. As soon we dropped the EP, we just hit the ground running with Momentous.Joe: I think something really unique that we worked on with this album was the songs we made like, over a year and a half ago, so it was kind of like piecing together some old songs with some new songs we were making. So they had completely different sounds to them and there are a lot of different colors to them.AJ: A lot of the songs we were playing live before we recorded them, and a few of them we waited to drop after Momentous hit pretty much. But as soon as we got done with Photosynthesis we got started writing right away. We were able to come out with an album a year later. We needed some new stuff out there for people to listen to. People don’t always want to listen to live sets; they want to listen to studio stuff too. It makes a big difference. People always tell us “I have one CD in my car and I have to listen to it over, and over, and over again,” It’ll get stuck in your head and that’s what’s happening with us for a lot of people. They tell us, “We listen to your stuff all day because it’s the only thing we have in our car, but it’s still good, you know.”L4LM: Can you tell me your guys’ writing process?Roland: It’s different for a lot of our different songs.Joe: It depends on what we’re going for.Roland: Sometimes I start a riff, or I have a basic concept for a song, and we all get together and put pieces in and build it together. It’s never one person writing a whole song. It’s always a collaboration. Joe writes a lot of the music – he’ll come up with some really interesting lines. We all get together off one idea that one of us has, and build songs together.AJ: And then the other process is that we have these Ableton tracks that Roland writes alone, and then he introduces it to us and then we kind of build the song around it.Joe: It’s definitely a big collaboration, yeah pretty much off of one person. But it’s cool because I’ve noticed, making a riff or making a lick and having an idea for a song, then coming to these guys, sometimes it’ll change up for the better. We’ll kind of develop a song that relates to all of us, because the four of us have very different musical backgrounds but it all clashes beautifully.AJ: There are a lot of changes in our music that goes from one vibe to a complete 180, it’s somewhere else, and we like doing that because we all have different ideas. We all want to make each other happy with the song that we’re writing. And, you know, if I have a crazy part, there’s no reason why it can’t work itself into the song at one point even though your crazy part (looks at bandmembers) sounds completely different. Some of our songs may start with like an island-reggae style then we go into a real high-energy sea-beat and just jam for awhile. Also we try to go into different directions in the same song.Joe: I think we really have a good way with crowd-control. Making people feel different emotions throughout the set. We have a lot of different influences and people will come up to us and be like, “You guys sound like this band,” and somebody else will be like, “Nah, they sound like this band!”Roland: “Yeah, you guys sound like this band with a  little bit of mix from this band and there’s a little bit of this band in there too.”Joe: In Saint Louis some guy kept screaming at the top of his lungs, “Next tribe! Next tribe!” like so loud!Jay: Yeah our diversity in our music styles that we have a little bit of something for everybody, which really plays to our advantage. Whether you are big into electronica or just the jam or heavy metal or whatever, there’s a little bit of something for everybody. So everyone can enjoy it at least a little bit if not the whole set. We go for it.Joe: We’ve heard people say we sound like anywhere from Lotus to Between the Bird and Me.AJ: I heard Deftones a couple weeks ago. Our music has theatrical elements that can really bring out emotion in people. Like some of our tunes, the progressions can really make a person feel something, not just make them want to dance. You can get real happy from like hearing some of the stuff we play. It happens for me, and it happens for other people I talk to and I think that’s really cool to be able to do that, because you know when it’s happening.Joe: I think it’s also the beauty of instrumental music – people aren’t really focused on any vocals, they’re just listening to us play our instruments. We kinda like to sing through just our instruments.L4LM: Well it’s really fun to watch too, especially in festival communities, there’s kind of a higher consciousness level, right? There’s a bigger grid, and people are already more open to that connection, so when you have the ability to effect one person, it’s contagious and that vibe becomes everybody.Roland: That’s one of the most fulfilling things about playing in a band for me, is just the connected energy that we have with each other, with the crowd, and when that energy builds you can see it in their faces, you can see it in our faces, and it’s just this magical moment.Joe: It’s a cycle, you kind of react off their energy that they’re reacting off of what you’re playing and if you can keep it going that’s awesome.L4LM: How big is your fan-following?AJ: It’s grown tremendously over the last year, so we’ve noticed that our crowds are starting to be less of just our friends and more people we don’t know. And we’ve definitely been extending out to the East Coast, playing in the Midwest, it’s cool to make new fans and the second time we went around just last month we noticed so many people have picked up onto us since coming out there and it’s kind of the expansion.Roland: We just had our album release party at Cervantes’ Other Side last weekend and we sold that out. It’s futurized.AJ: We’ve gotten a lot of good response from Ohio, especially, just from playing our first out-of-state shows there. We played a lot of festivals there and had a lot of great opportunity, so other than Colorado I would say that Columbus is our hot-spot. We have a lot of friends out there that like to come out and get hype with us.L4LM: What’s your favorite venue you’ve played at?Roland: We have not played there yet but we are about to play at the Mishawaka Amphitheater with EOTO and Unlimited Aspect on August 20th. And that will be my favorite.AJ: Yeah, I’m stoked that’s one of the coolest venues in Colorado.L4LM: What festival is your favorite? Have you been to any of these 12 festivals on this tour before or will they mostly all be first-timers?AJ: We’ve already done about nine of them.Joe: This is our second year at ARISE.Roland: Yeah ARISE this year was our second and so was Sonic Bloom. And then we are playing Resonance in Ohio in September and that will be our second year as well. And the rest were all first times.L4LM: How does it feel to be asked to play a new festival, or approved?Joe: Definitely crazy…AJ: Just being asked to play a festival instead of pitching ourselves to a talent buyer is a very cool thing. I know Backwoods in Oklahoma is a big one and they reached out to us which I was surprised about. They want up-and-coming Colorado bands for some reason, that’s what they think is hot right now because of the scene here. People from Colorado come out to go to festivals all over the country and I think that may have been a reason but we’re definitely getting people’s attention.L4LM: Colorado has definitely become the center-point for the rest of the country. Did you all grow up in Colorado?Joe: Me, Roland, and Jay actually all did and we went to the same high school together. Then we just randomly found AJ on Craigslist and he moved out here from Philly; kind of like destiny.AJ: I was living out here for a little while before I found you guys and after I left my old band in Philly, which was doing fine, but I saw the potential out here when I visited to see some shows and I was like, “I gotta move to Colorado” and I did right after that and then I met these guys. Now two years later we’re touring. It’s all happened so fast but it’s definitely been the best experience.Joe: It was meant to be. Everything’s kind of just coming full circle for us and we’ve realized that this is what we’re meant to be doing.AJ: It’s nice because I have some resources on the East Coast, our manager is from Connecticut, so when we tour over there we have places to stay, we know some people, so when we’re in places we’ve never been before we can get some friends out, get the word out, which is super helpful.L4LM: What are your memorable moments from this tour?AJ: I would definitely say the time at Farm Fest there was a huge rainstorm right before we were supposed to play. We had to tarp off all the gear and get everything expensive out of the way. We didn’t even know it was going to happen because it went on for like 45 minutes and then it was gone.L4LM: After that, pretty much the whole festival came out. AJ: We did not expect to have that big of a crowd at that time.Roland: It was a blessing because it was so hot, if it wouldn’t have rained and our set wouldn’t have been postponed, we probably would have had about half the crowd, with half the energy.AJ: It pushed our set later into the nighttime/late afternoon, which was great. We always want to play later, and it didn’t affect our time so we got to play for the full-length and go later. It was a win-win for everybody.L4LM: Do you prefer day sets or night sets? The later the better?(In unison): Night sets.Roland: We play dance music.Joe: Just because of the electronic base that we have, it’s just more fun with lights and people tend to have more energy at night and so we pick up the energy too.Jay: Most of our music is dance-beat.Joe: Yeah, exactly. We try to change it up, if we play a day set we play mellower and jammy type stuff; we don’t try to play the bangers or any of our heavy stuff before it gets dark. People usually like to hear that at night. .L4LM: How did you guys get signed with Nimbleslick?AJ: Our manager James was actually contacted by them to be picked up as one of their clients so pretty much us and the rest of the bands he manages were all on the roster for Nimbleslick.Joe: They’re based out of Georgia but they wanted to open up a Denver office so James and a few others were the first people to start that office. James became a booking agent for Nimbleslick so he manages us personally and also does all of our booking. He has a bunch of clients that he does booking for but I think we’re the main one he focuses on for management. Without him and all the things he’s been able to do for us, we wouldn’t be as close to where we are right now. We don’t know about publicity, and marketing and all that stuff like he does.L4LM: How would you describe your music in one word?Joe: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.Jay: Diverse.Roland: Diversity is a good one. We mess around with a lot of genres and styles and tempos and we’re just kind of all over the place.AJ: Space-travel.L4LM: Last but certainly not least, what’s your go-to candy?Joe: Nerds Rope or Sour Patch Kids. Just mix in both of those together and shove them into my face.AJ: I like that AirHeads Tape, or that Sour Patch Tape – I mean, it’s all good.Jay: I’ve always liked those strawberry candies with the juicy filling in the middle.L4LM: Oh my God, yeah like at Grandma’s house?!Jay: Yeah, the grandma one! You get them at like the Dollar Stores and that’s about it.Joe: Roland’s a chocolate guy.Roland: I was literally about to say, “I’m a chocolate guy.” Toblerone or Ghirardelli.L4LM: Also, for my own personal interest, what are your Zodiac signs?Joe: I’m a giant crab. Which is crazy, because my grandmother was actually killed by a massive crab. *everyone bursts out laughing* So sorry, I actually heard that joke from some movie once…Jay: I’m a Scorpio.Roland: I’m a Capricorn.AJ: Taurus.L4LM: That’s a nice equal combo, earth and water signs.Roland: How can we figure out what the band’s sign is?Joe: We’re a Tanceruscorpio.Jay: A tangerine-scorpio.Greener Grounds will be finishing up this tour with three more dates in Colorado, with Old Town Pub in Steamboat Springs on August 19th, the Mishawaka Amphitheater on August 20th, and a Phish Pre-Party with Pink Talking Fish at the Fox Theatre in Boulder on August 31st before heading out to Resonance (Ohio), Backwoods (Oklahoma), and Luna Light (Maryland) festival. Be sure to catch them at any of these shows, because once they are all just good memories, Greener Grounds will be taking a break from touring while they write even more new music and get started on their next album. They aren’t giving themselves a deadline, so really it’s up to their creative waters on how fast these guys flow into their new album release. As Joe put it, “We wanna put more time into this one than we have with the last few. It’s been good to get the music out that we have but we have not stopped, not taken a minute to breathe, and we need to write some more music so we’re not playing repeated shows. Not like we play the same sets – we’d never do that. But we’re trying to change the order and change the songs up.” Roland quickly followed up with, “We wanna come out in festival season next year and just be playing sets where people are like, ‘I have never heard any of this stuff.’”A friendly reminder for those unfortunate fans that won’t get a chance to catch them live before they go into hiding with their new album, all their music is free online (donations appreciated) through their website, or you can stream them from Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, iTunes, or follow their page on Facebook.last_img read more

Watch New Haven’s Eggy Open For Twiddle, Aqueous In Hometown Venue Debut

first_imgLast weekend, rising CT-based jam outfit Eggy opened for Twiddle along with Aqueous at College Street Music Hall in New Haven. While Twiddle was the evening’s main event, the crowd came out early for Eggy, who delivered a high-energy set of originals for their hometown fans. During the set, guitarist Jake Brownstein spoke about making their debut at New Haven’s premier concert venue, explaining, “we’re from New Haven, so when this venue opened up a year ago, we couldn’t have ever imagined playing here.”As keyboardist Dani Battat expressed following the performance, “Playing College Street Music Hall was an opportunity for us to reflect on the past four years of hard work and learning to be a band. We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support that has helped bring us to this stage in our careers and we view this show as a glimpse into the future.”You can watch the full set below:Setlist: In It For The Ride > All Wheels Turnin’, Onitsuka Tiger > In It For The Ride (Reprise)The band is currently working on their debut studio album, tentatively titled Miles To Go. Eggy will join Strange Machines tonight at The Acoustic in Bridgeport, CT. You can also catch them at Disc Jam’s Halloween Horror Camp 2 on October 29th along with lespecial, Roots Of Creation, Chromatropic, and more.last_img read more

Bob Weir Talks Collaborating With Phish, Future Of Dead & Company And More

first_imgBob Weir sat down with Dean Budnick at for an exclusive, wide-ranging interview, discussing everything from his ongoing projects to collaborating with Phish, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and more. The Grateful Dead guitarist had nothing but enthusiasm for everything that was discussed, as he continues to push forward with music new and old.On the collaboration with Phish, Weir was asked about singing Trey Anastasio’s new song “Miss You,” and he said, “It was actually suggested to me that we might want to do the tune and so I listened to it and I figured, ‘Well this might be fun to sing.’ So I proposed that to Trey. He liked the idea so we went ahead and did that. It was a matter of I was in the same town that they were in for an evening and I was off and they were playing, so I was there with bells on.”Weir also mentioned the possibility of working with Trey again, saying, “I’d be surprised if that doesn’t happen. But we both have to have a little time on our hands and both of us are hellaciously busy right now.”The interview picked on Weir and his Campfire Tour band, which assembled in support of the recently released solo effort Blue Mountain. Weir mentions the possibility for more acoustic shows in early 2017, saying “It was fun and we were just starting to get good toward the end of tour, predictably enough. We were having too much fun to just walk away from it so we’ll get back to that in a little bit. We’ll have some live shows coming up early-ish next year.” So far, only one has been announced.They also talk about two big scale Grateful Dead projects, the upcoming Los Muertos Con Queso and the beloved Dead & Company. On the former, Weir talks about getting together with Dave Schools, Tom Hamilton and Jeff Chimenti for a fun, two-day practice session. “We thought we’d get a jump on it. Tommy Hamilton was in town here and he’s part of the band. Dave Schools, lives a bit north of here but not far and Jeff [Chimenti] is in the San Francisco area so we’re all fairly local and with Tommy in town we took it as an opportunity to get in some rehearsal. We got a couple days in and had a lot of fun.” You can find out more about that event here.As for Dead & Company, Weir keeps the door wide open for that beloved touring band. When asked about the possibility for touring and recording, Weir said, “We’re looking at all of the above. I’m more interested in recording I think than some of the guys—I just think it’d be fun to get into the studio with that outfit [laughs] But nobody buys records anymore so we’d have to view it kind as a hobby. That said I’d love to do that. We’re also looking at some dates in the not too distant future.”You can catch the full interview, right here.last_img read more

Jake Cinninger Will Miss The Next Few Umphrey’s McGee Shows Due To Illness

first_imgUmphrey’s McGee is set to resume their winter tour tonight in New Haven, CT, but it looks like they’ll do it one man short. According to a new post on social media, the band’s beloved guitarist Jake Cinninger has been sidelined with a “wicked flu,” and will be resting up for the next few days while his bandmates tour without him.With Joshua Redman on hand and Spafford on as support, these shows are sure to be fun regardless. But we’ll sure miss you, Jake! Get well soon.last_img

Al Schnier & Jim Loughlin Talk All Things moe. On New Podcast Episode [Listen]

first_imgOur Inside Out WTNS podcast series enters March with a moe.riffic episode featuring Al Schnier (guitar, keys, vocals) and Jim Loughlin (percussion/vocals) of moe., as well as L4LM contributor and reigning “Mayor of moe.down,” Rex Thomson. After a brief interview during which Thomson relates how he became the “Mayor of moe.down,” hosts Seth Weiner and Rob Turner sit with Schnier and Loughlin on the band’s bus and discuss a young moe. jamming with Bob Weir while on the 1997 Furthur Festival.Loughlin relates his experience returning to an evolved moe. after his brief period away from them around the same time, saying, “it was tough at first because they had done two records worth of material and some other stuff… that I did not know.”Schnier and Loughlin go into detail on improvisation, spontaneity and songwriting. However, industry folks may be most compelled by the thinking behind the band’s recent decisions, first to let their manager of 20-plus years go, and then to defray management duties across the band.Schnier talks about being overwhelmed by his initial efforts to take on all of the management tasks alone. “It was really intense at first… I didn’t sleep for two weeks, probably. I was working 12 to 15 to 18 hour days and was **so** stressed out,” says Schnier, but he ultimately gained control of the situation. Part of this involved the band defraying management tasks across the band members themselves. “We realized how little we knew about our own business and how stuff works,” Loughlin says, “we figured out that, before we bring anyone else in, we needed to figure out our own internal workings.” The result is a moe. band now intimately involved in every aspect of their operations.The episode concludes with moe. performing brand new Loughlin (“Don’t Wanna Be”) and Schnier (“Angel”) compositions in their entirety, recorded on the band’s 2017 Winter Tour. You can listen to the newest episode, streaming below.The long-running Inside Out With Turner And Seth podcast brings you a fresh take on the music scene by combining behind-the-scenes and fan perspectives. Each episode features engaging interviews with your favorite artists and insightful commentary from genre veterans sprinkled with comedy. For more Inside Out With Turner And Seth episodes, head to their SoundCloud or their page on iTunes. You can also email the Podcast here ([email protected]), to submit feedback that may be read on future episodes![Photo via Rex Thomson]last_img read more

Jazz Is Phsh Releases “He Never Spoke A Word,” An Instrumental Album Tribute To Phish

first_imgIt seems like only yesterday that The Chase Brothers – aka Matt Chase and Adam Chase – were putting together the band Jazz Is Phsh. Thoroughly inspired by the Jazz Is Dead concept of yore, The Chase Brothers recruited the best of the best for their all instrumental take on the beloved Vermont jam band, Phish. What debuted and cemented in the live setting now comes to us in album format, as the band has released their first LP: He Never Spoke A Word.The album is named from a lyric in the song “Ghost,” which is exactly where this album gets started. The many instrumental tracks on the album offer an alternative to Phish’s music, familiar enough to be identifiable yet unique enough to stand out on their own. “Ghost” is a great example, providing a strong funky backbone for the band members to work upon. The band hints at the melody of the lyrics throughout, but they never really need to play it outright.Phish’s music provides a rich tapestry for the Jazz Is Phsh ensemble to explore, and they do so with the help of full horn and percussion sections. The horns come out full blast on tracks like “Cars Trucks Buses,” “46 Days,” “Camel Walk” and more, but perhaps the best take on the album can be heard in “Foam.” The song is already exploratory in nature, rooted in jazz chord progressions and concepts, and Jazz Is Phsh uses that launching pad to dive deep into the jam.Enough cannot be said about the great musicians who appear on this album. Organized by the Chase Brothers, He Never Spoke A Word includes Jeff Coffin (saxophone), Dennis Chambers (drums), Kofi Burbridge (keys/flute), Chris Bullock (saxophone), Grant Green Jr. (guitar), Michael Ray (trumpet), Holly Bowling (keys), Anthony Wellington (bass), Chris DeAngelis (bass), Scott Flynn (trombone), Lenny Pettinelli (keys), Derrick Johnson (trombone), and Josh Thomas (keys). Perhaps it’s only fitting that a band with a rotating cast of musicians would have such a diverse and talented list of contributors on their debut record.All in all, Jazz Is Phsh has put together a thoughtful tribute in He Never Spoke A Word. It’s an eloquent album that is equally as comfortable in the background as it is up close; the instrumentals set a perfect mood, but they only benefit from a closer listen. These are serious musicians playing serious music, and they’ve nailed it. Well done, Jazz Is Phsh.Listen to the full album below, streaming via Spotify.last_img read more

Willie Nelson To Bring “Outlaw Music Festival” On Tour

first_imgWillie Nelson has announced a traveling music festival called “Outlaw Music Festival Tour” that will hit six cities, bringing the talents of Willie Nelson & Family, Bob Dylan and His Band, The Avett Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit, My Morning Jacket, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Margo Price, Hayes Carll, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, and more to be announced in the coming weeks.In addition, each date will feature a range of festival attractions including local cuisine, craft beers, and crafts by local artisans to provide music fans in each city with an unforgettable concert experience. Tickets go on sale Friday, April 21. More information can be found here.7/1 – Shrine On Airline – New Orleans, LA – Willie Nelson & Family, The Avett Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, Other Artists To Be Announced7/2 – Starplex Pavilion – Dallas, TX – Willie Nelson & Family, Sheryl Crow, The Avett Brothers, Hayes Carll, Margo Price, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real7/6 – Walmart AMP – Rogers, AR – Willie Nelson & Family, Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Sheryl Crow, Margo Price, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real7/8 – Joe Louis Arena – Detroit, MI – Willie Nelson & Family, Bob Dylan & His Band, Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Sheryl Crow, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real7/9 – Summerfest – Milwaukee, WI – Willie Nelson & Family, Bob Dylan & His Band, Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Sheryl Crow, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Margo Price, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real7/16 – Lakeview Amphitheater – Syracuse, NY – Willie Nelson & Family, My Morning Jacket, Sheryl Crow, Margo Pricelast_img read more

Circles Around The Sun Captivate Brooklyn Bowl Sunday Brunch Crowd [Full Audio]

first_imgThis past week has been a big one for Circles Around The Sun the Grateful Dead-inspired psychedelic foursome comprised of guitarist Neal Casal and keyboardist Adam MacDougall of Chris Robinson Brotherhood, as well as bassist Dan Horne and drummer Mark Levy. On Saturday night, July 22, the “young” band played just their 11th performance to a sold out late-night crowd at Manhattan’s Gramercy Theatre. The following day, they headed across the bridge to Williamsburg, where they delivered a mesmerizing Sunday brunch set for the early-risers at Brooklyn Bowl. Thanks to taper Matt Moricle, you can listen to the band’s full daytime set from Brooklyn Bowl on July 23rd below. You can also check out a short video clip of the action from the front row, courtesy of the Circles Around The Sun Facebook page: Few albums have the creation myth of Interludes For The Dead by Neal Casal’s Circles Around The Sun. The 10 instrumental jams that encompass the release were commissioned by Justin Kreutzmann, the filmmaker son of Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann, to accompany the biographical visuals he was compiling to be shown during set break at the “Fare Thee Well” concerts the living members of the Dead played in the summer of 2015.This weekend, Circles Around The Sun will head to Terrapin Crossroads for a pair of performances at the San Rafael, CA venue. Tickets for the Terrapin Crossroads shows are available here. For a full list of upcoming dates, head to Neal Casal’s website.[Cover photo via Dylan Langille/Circles Around The Sun Facebook]If you had fun at Circles Around The Sun at Gramercy Theatre or Brooklyn Bowl this weekend, check out the rest of Live For Live Music’s Baker’s Dozen Late-Night series, being hosted throughout the city during Phish’s 13-night Baker’s Dozen run at Madison Square Garden. Check out Our Official Guide To Baker’s Dozen Late-Nights for all the info.Live For Live Music Phish Baker’s Dozen Run Late-Night ShowsJuly 28 – Dopapod @ Gramercy Theater (tix) *July 28 – James Brown Dance Party – 2 Shows @ Highline Ballroom (early tix/late tix) *July 29 – Dopapod @ Gramercy (tix) *July 29 – Perpetual Groove @ BB King Blues Club (tix)Aug 2 – Matisyahu @ The Cutting Room (tix) *Aug 3 – Greensky Bluegrass w/ Marco Benevento @ Ford Amphitheatre At Coney Island Boardwalk (tix) **Aug 4 – “Kraz & Taz” – Eric Krasno Band w/ Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Band @ The Cutting Room (tix)Aug 5 – Spafford @ BB King Blues Club (SOLD OUT)* (L4LM & CEG Presents)**(L4LM & Live Nation Presents)last_img read more

Spotify’s New iMessage App Lets You Text Music To Your Friends

first_imgLast week, the digital streaming service Spotify launched a brand-new feature that allows you to send songs directly to your friends using iMessage, the default messaging application for most Apple products. With the new app, users can search the site’s full catalog of music for a specific song, then send a 30-second preview of the song to a friend that also includes an album image, song title, and artist information.Forgotify Lets You Listen To Millions Of Unheard Songs That Have Never Been Streamed On SpotifyHere’s how it works. People who already have Spotify’s iOS app installed can switch on the new iMessage app from the iMessage App Store. Once activated, users can start sending friends songs directly by opening a new iMessage, pressing the app icon, and then selecting the Spotify logo to open the stream service’s new iMessage app. After finding the song you want to send via the search bar, you can tap a button to copy the song, then paste the preview into the iMessage. Recipients can either listen to the 30-second preview from iMessage or click on the song itself, which will open the track on the Spotify app so it can be heard in full.Spotify Teams With Accuweather To Generate Playlists Based On The Weather Near You [H/T Tech Crunch]last_img read more

Lotus Announces 2018 Winter Tour

first_imgToday, the jamtronica pioneers of Lotus announced an extended winter tour in 2018. In February and March of 2018, the group will hit the road, touring heavily in support of their latest album Eat The Light. The tight electronic jam five-piece kicks off their tour in Morgantown, West Virginia, on February 7th. From there the group has a number of stops in the Midwest before starting the West Coast leg of their tour on Valentine’s Day with a performance in Spokane, Washington’s Knitting Factory. A three-night run in Colorado will fall from February 22nd through 24th, followed by the final Southern leg of the tour.Watch Lotus Tear Through “Drunken Giraffe” In This Pro-Shot Boulder RecapYou can check out Lotus’ full upcoming tour dates below, including their three-night New Year’s Eve run across the mid-Atlantic. A limited amount of pre-sale tickets are available now on Lotus Ticketing, including Early Bird pricing for 2/9 in Chicago and 2/28 in Knoxville. For more ticketing information, check out the band’s website here. Lotus Upcoming Winter Tour Dates:12/29 Baltimore, MD, Rams Head Live12/30 Buffalo, NY, Buffalo RiverWorks12/31 Pittsburgh, PA, Stage AE1/17-22 Jam Cruise 162/07 Morgantown, WV, Mainstage Morgantown2/08 Columbus, OH, Express Live!2/09 Chicago, IL, Vic Theatre2/10 Milwaukee, WI, Turner Hall Ballroom2/11 Minneapolis, MN, Fine Line Music Cafe2/14 Spokane, WA, Knitting Factory Concert House2/15 Portland, OR, Crystal Ballroom2/16 Berkeley, CA, The UC Theatre2/17 Los Angeles, CA, The Fonda Theatre2/18 San Diego, CA, Music Box2/21 Salt Lake City, UT, The Depot2/22 Aspen, CO, Belly Up Aspen2/23 Aspen, CO, Belly Up Aspen2/24 Denver, CO, Fillmore Auditorium2/27 Nashville, TN, Exit/In2/28 Knoxville, TN, The International3/01 Charlotte, NC, The Underground3/02 Athens, GA, Georgia Theatre3/03 Raleigh, NC, Lincoln Theatre[Photo: Andrew Scott Blackstein]last_img read more