Orange County revises its trash removal schedule

first_img Gov. DeSantis says new moment-of-silence law in public schools protects religious freedom From the Orange County Communications OfficeHousehold garbage, recycling and regular yard waste (three cubic yards – about the size of a small pickup truck) are continuing to be picked up by Solid Waste on regular scheduled days. Due to volume of yard waste, crews are running a few days behind, but are working extended hours and Saturday to catch up.Important notes:Residents should move their vegetative debris to the curb now for pick up by our debris contractors.  Please separate vegetative debris (tree limbs, branches, shrubs) – all should NOT be bagged. If you have leaves, we ask that residents bag them and    have them be picked up with yard waste. Debris pick-up cannot have anything in bags. DO NOT block fire hydrants, storm drains and mailboxes with debris.Do not mix garbage and construction debris with vegetative debris. Construction material such as fencing, shingles and lumber should be a separate pile and will be collected at a later date.Orange County is anticipating completing debris pick–up in eight weeks – however, there is not a definitive end date as of now and this is a fluid situation.We still have 11 debris sites open 7 days per week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. We plan to continue to stay open and do not have a closing date yet.Any resident from Orange County (including from municipalities) can drop off at any of our 11 debris sites.So far, we have had 13,000 cubic yards of debris collected at our 11 debris drop-off sites.Orange County Public Works estimates that there will be 1.3 million cubic yards of debris pick-up.Do NOT put debris in the roadway (it can get into drainage) and sidewalk (children have to walk to school).As Orange County continues recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma, it is important for residents to be informed on debris removal.CITIZEN DROP-OFF-SITESResidents are encouraged to take debris to a citizen site designated by Orange County. Eleven (11) citizen drop-off sites are open in Orange County. Residents of Orange County may bring vegetative (trees/yard waste) debris to any locations from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Residents will need to provide proof of Orange County address to gain access. Debris drop-off sites are:Barnett Park – 4801 W Colonial Dr.Conway Water Treatment Plant – 3590 Manatee St.Cypress Grove Park – 290 Holden Ave.Fort Christmas Park -1300 Fort Christmas Rd.Harrell Road – 8503 Trevarthon Rd.Meadow Woods Park – 1751 Rhode Island Woods Cir.Northwest Water Reclamation Facility – 701 W McCormick Rd.Rose Place Park – 8200 Old Winter Garden Rd.Across from Renaissance Senior Center – 3800 S. Econlockhatchee Tr.West Beach Park Addition – 9227 Winter Garden Vineland Rd.Zellwood Maintenance Unit – 3500 Golden Gem Rd. Florida gas prices jump 12 cents; most expensive since 2014 TAGSOrange CountyTrash Pickup Previous articleIf we lose, you loseNext articleCounty, state and federal government working on post-hurricane recovery Denise Connell RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR UF/IFAS in Apopka will temporarily house District staff; saves almost $400,000 CURBSIDE DEBRIS REMOVALView the current curbside debris removal map. This map will be updated weekly. Last updated Sept. 20, 2017. Curbside debris removal has already started in Orange County. However, the volume of yard debris throughout the county is very large, so please keep in mind that it may be several days before a debris team arrives in your community. It is the county’s intent to serve the community in a well-organized manner.PRIVATE GATED COMMUNITIESCounty contractors cannot enter private gated communities for debris removal, except in cases of critical life/safety emergencies. For gated communities, an authorized community representative should contact 311 to arrange for permission for the community’s contractor to drop off debris at a designated Citizen Drop-Off Site. In the alternative, the community representative can arrange for a County debris contractor to meet the community’s contractor at or near the entrance to the gated community, to accept debris.If residents within a community do not own the property, such as a trailer park, manufactured home community or condominium building, the community is not eligible to participate in this program. These communities are considered commercial and must arrange for their own debris removal.Visit for more information. Follow Orange County Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization Division on MIXED DEBRISIn either case, vegetative storm debris (tree limbs, branches, and other organic debris) should always be separated from storm-related construction debris (shingles, fencing, lumber, drywall, etc.) Mixed debris will not be accepted at Drop-Off Sites, and for curbside removal, construction debris will be collected separately, and if not separated, neither may be picked up. Also, household garbage should NEVER be mixed with storm or construction debris.PRIVATE PROPERTYDebris will only be removed from private property only in the case of severe damage, per the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) policy. If the debris is an immediate threat to residents, State or local government may enter private property to remove debris to eliminate threats to life, public health and safety.Information will be on the Orange County website at and residents can call 3-1-1 as well. This map will be updated weekly. Please note that debris pick-up is only for residents in unincorporated Orange County. Please enter your comment!center_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Please enter your name here You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address here Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.last_img read more

OAS summit evidence of ever-growing abyss, says Cuba

first_imgCuban flag. Photo credit” flags.netHAVANA, Cuba — In a statement on Wednesday, the Cuban government said thae the Summit held in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, gave evidence of the ever-growing abyss that exists between “Our America”, as Martí called it, and the “turbulent and brutal North that despises us”. The statement continued:Cartagena witnessed a rebellion of Latin America and the Caribbean against the imposition of “one and a half government” which applied the imperial veto against the paragraphs of the Draft Final Declaration of the so-called Summit of the Americas that demanded the ceasing of the blockade and of Cuba’s exclusion from hemispheric events.Since the celebration of the former Summit in 2009, the illusions about the policy of President Obama vanished; a gap between his speeches and his actions widened. There were no major changes in the policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean. The blockade against Cuba continued and it was even tightened in the financial sector, despite the international condemnation and the overwhelming vote against it at the United Nations General Assembly. The purpose of the blockade is “to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of government”, which is now known as “change of regime”.The ALBA group met on February 4 last in Caracas on the occasion of the celebration of an anniversary of the historical Civic and Military Rebellion of 1992. It adopted one Declaration on the Sovereignty of Argentina over the Malvinas Islands, another on the blockade and considered the imposition of Cuba’s exclusion from these events to be unfair and unacceptable. President Correa resolutely stated that if this issue was not solved, Ecuador would not attend the Cartagena Summit. This statement shook the entire region. That courageous stand was the prelude of what happened next.President Raúl Castro expressed at the ALBA meeting: “I want to thank President Correa, Evo and all of you for your statements…You are absolutely right; this is an issue of utmost importance. We have never asked for a step like that to be made, but that does not mean we will not support this one which we think is only too fair.”The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, who visited us in a respectful way and received a response from President Raúl Castro Ruz stating that Cuba, if invited, would attend the Summit, as usual, with absolute respect, abiding by its principles and the truth, takes the credit for having introduced directly the issue of the blockade and the exclusion of Cuba.President Evo Morales, who was the first to question the Summit at the ALBA meeting on February in Caracas, waged a battle in Cartagena and stated as follows: “We are going through a phase of disintegration. It is not possible that one country could veto the presence of Cuba. Therefore, there is no integration; and with the absence of Ecuador, an absence that is only fair to protest the US veto against Cuba, what kind of integration can we talk about?”On April 13 last, President Chávez exclaimed: “Now, truth to tell, if these two governments, the United States and Canada, refuse to discuss issues that are so profoundly inherent to Latin America and the Caribbean such as the issue of Cuba, the sister nation of Cuba, the fraternal Cuba; or the issue of the Malvinas Islands, what’s the use of holding any more Summits of the Americas? We will have to do away with these Summits”. Before that, he had written: “We likewise call for an end to the shameful and criminal blockade against the sister Republic of Cuba, a blockade that has been cruelly and brutally imposed by the empire for more than 50 years against the heroic people of José Martí.”At a mass rally, full of youth, in solidarity with Cuba held on April 14 in Managua, Daniel Ortega stated as follows: “I think it is high time for the government of the United States to listen to all Latin American nations, with the most diverse ideologies and political thoughts, ranging from the most conservative to the most revolutionary. But, despite that, they all agree that Cuba must be present in these meetings; otherwise there won’t be any other so-called, or wrongly called, Summit of the Americas”.The unitary and solid stand adopted by Our America on the blockade, the exclusion of Cuba and the Malvinas Islands issues was really impressive. The firmness and dignity upheld by the President of Argentina in her strong defense of these causes were of the essence.We felt proud when the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, expressed with serene dignity, in front of Obama, that the Bigger Homeland can only be treated as an equal and reaffirmed the common stand in support of Argentina and Cuba.The Caribbean leaders gave evidence of the soundness of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the fact that the Caribbean and Latin America are likewise indivisible. Their defense of the Argentinean sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands and their traditional and categorical support to Cuba were transcendental.The left forces, the popular movements; the trade union, youth and students organizations as well as the NGOs gathered at the Congress of the Peoples in Cartagena expressed an emotional solidarity with Cuba. The Inter-Parliamentary Meeting of the Americas condemned the exclusion of and the blockade against our country.The United States underestimated the fact that on December 2, 2011, in Caracas, on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the Independence of that country, under the leadership of Chávez, and on the occasion of the fifty fifth anniversary of the Landing of the Granma, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) was founded, an event that had been anticipated by the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, on February, 2010, when he wrote: “no other institutional event in our hemisphere in the course of the last century has been so transcendental”.At that first Summit, when Cuba was elected as President of CELAC for the year 2013, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz stated: “With the decisions that we have adopted here and the joint work that we have carried out during the last three years, we have vindicated more than two centuries of struggles and hopes. Having come this far has required efforts, blood and sacrifice. The colonial metropolis of the past and the imperial powers of the present have opposed this endeavor.”Obama does not seem to understand either the significance of the Bolivarian victory of April 13, 2002, or the fact that right now it’s been ten years already of the coup d’etat organized by his predecessor with the support of the OAS and the Spanish government headed by Aznar against President Hugo Chávez, in an attempt to annihilate the Bolivarian Revolution and assassinate its leader. As the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Nicolás Maduro, reminded him of, looking him straight in the eye, in a memorable speech delivered at the Cartagena Summit, the US government remains adamant in its conduct of intervening in the internal affairs of Venezuela and supporting the pro-coup faction whose members have now become electoral candidates.President Obama should realize that the Cartagena Summit was not an auspicious setting to recommend a democracy for Cuba, much less so when the one that intended to do that was left there in absolute isolation, forced to apply the veto out of lack of ideas and political and moral authority. He devotes himself to demagogy prior to some troublesome elections. He should rather take care of his wars, crises and politicking. We, Cubans, will take care of Cuba.The United States never wanted to discuss the terrible consequences of neoliberalism for Latin America and the Caribbean; or the situation of immigrants in the United States and Europe, who are separated from their families, cruelly deported or murdered at walls like the one that has been built by the Río Bravo River. It never agreed either to talk about the poor, who account for half of humanity.The empire and the former colonial metropolis do not listen to the “indignants”, their citizens and minorities who live in poverty in those opulent societies, while investing huge amounts of money to bail out corrupted bankers and speculators. In the superpower, 10 per cent of families control 80 per cent of the wealth. Those resources are enough to solve the problems of the planet.The new thing about the Cartagena meeting was that many of the governments, with natural differences and different approaches, demanded an alternative model that gives priority to solidarity and complementarity over competition based on selfishness; guarantees a harmonious relationship with nature rather than the plundering of natural resources or frenzied consumption. They called for the protection of cultural diversity as opposed to the imposition of values and living styles that are alien to our peoples. They asked for the consolidation of peace and rejected wars and militarization.They launched an appeal to recover the human condition in our societies and build a world that promotes respect for the plurality of ideas and models; the democratic participation of society in government affairs, including the consultation about economic and monetary policies; the combat against illiteracy, infant and maternal mortality and curable diseases. They called for greater access to both free and truthful information and potable water. They recognized the existence of social exclusion and the fact that human rights are to be exercised by all and should not be used as a political weapon by the powerful.This time, the United States government was forced to listen, not to an almost unique voice as had been the case for decades or to a slender minority as it happened until very recently. Now it was the majority of peoples which expressed itself at the Summit to promote this indispensable debate either through their Presidents and Heads of Delegations or through the stand adopted by those who did not attend. The Summit had to be censored because the empire listens with deaf ears.In Cartagena, the Monroe Doctrine – “America for the Americans” — was laid bare. As if no one could remember about the deception of the Alliance for Progress in 1961 and the Americas Initiative or FTAA in 1994, they have tried to trick us into trusting the “Alliance of Equals”.As Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz had predicted during an international event held in Cartagena on June 14, 1994, the so-called Summits of the Americas have only benefited the North.When expressing his opinion about a similar meeting held in Washington 120 years ago, José Martí wrote: “After viewing with judicial eyes the antecedents, motives, and ingredients of the feast, it is essential to say, for it is true, that the time has come for Spanish America to declare its second independence.”During the meeting itself, ALBA declared both officially and publicly that without a radical change in the nature of these Summits, it will never attend these meetings again. Other continental leaders have also advised so.As to the OAS — that unburied corpse — there is no need to say anything about it.The Republic of Argentina has the inalienable right to exercise its sovereignty over the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands as well as over the surrounding maritime areas.Cuba is mindful of the fact that the Bigger Homeland will not be complete until the brother people of Puerto Rico is able to exercise its inalienable right to self-determination and until Puerto Rico, that Latin American and Caribbean nation, submitted to the colonial status imposed by the United States, achieves its full independence.With a solid consensus on regional sovereignty and the defense of our culture within our rich diversity, with almost 600 million inhabitants and abundant natural resources, Our America has now the chance to solve the grave problems of extreme inequality in the distribution of wealth and could contribute, with its already obvious strength, to the “equilibrium of the world”, the defense of peace and the preservation of the human species.To that end, and in the face of the attempts to divide us and derail us, which will continue to appear over and over again, Our America needs to stay together. No one in the North should ever forget that 51 years ago the Cuban people were already defending, at these same hours, a Socialist Revolution in the bloodstained sands of Playa Girón and that, ever since then, “all the peoples of the Americas were a little bit freer.”Caribbean News Now Sharing is caring! Tweet Share 13 Views   no discussionscenter_img LocalNews OAS summit evidence of ever-growing abyss, says Cuba by: – April 20, 2012 Share Sharelast_img read more

Nadler Threatens Barr with Contempt of Congress for Snub

first_imgThere’s an empty seat in today’s U.S. House hearing on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report.The DOJ says Barr is skipping the hearing because of plans to have committee staffers question Barr, which the department called inappropriate, unnecessary and unprecedented.House Democrat Brings Toy Chicken and KFC Bucket to Hearing to Mock Barr’s No-Show— Mediaite (@Mediaite) May 2, 2019 The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is threatening to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt. Opening a brief hearing today, New York Democrat Jerry Nadler slammed Barr for refusing to testify about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report. Barr cited an ongoing dispute with House Democrats over the format of the scheduled hearing.Dems wanted staff lawyers to question Barr, along with House members.Nadler said the Trump administration will not dictate how the House runs its hearings. Nadler called Barr’s refusal to testify an act of obstruction. Georgia Republican Doug Collins said the only problem is with Democrats. He accused Dems of running a political circus and also called the dispute with Barr a stunt. Collins noted that Barr fielded hours of questions during a Senate hearing yesterday.last_img read more

Durham teenagers are PING champions

first_img Durham teenagers Briony Bayles and Shannon O’Dwyer birdied their way to victory in the 10th anniversary PING Fourball Betterball Grand Final.The pair, from the Wynyard Club, birdied the first two holes and the last two holes on the Karsten Lakes course at PING’s Gainsborough Golf Club and notched up 43 points – to win by one.They completed a clean sweep when Shannon won the putting prize, with an iPING handicap of +2.8; and Briony won the longest drive competition with a shot of 208 yards.Shannon spoke for them both when she said: “It’s just great to say you’ve played in something like this and done well.”They came through an initial entry of over 16,000 players from almost 850 clubs in the tournament, which is run by England Golf. The top 50 pairs in the country qualified for the Grand Final while the next 50 pairs went through to yesterday’s Plate Final.“We played well apart from three holes where we had a bit of a struggle to get one point,” said Shannon, 18. Briony, 15, added: “We were all over the place on the 16th but we managed to scrape a point – and then we thought we needed to birdie the last two.”Shannon obliged. She hit her tee shot on the par three 17th to about 4ft before holing out for a birdie. Then she rolled in a 20-footer on the 18th to clinch it.At the start of the round it was Briony who set the pair on the road to victory with her birdies on the first two holes.The pair both play for Durham, are regular foursomes partners, and are improving fast. Shannon has cut her handicap from six to four this season while Briony has come down from six to five.The runners-up were another pair of youngsters. Sisters Carys and Kimberley Parker, from The Kendleshire, Gloucestershire, had 42 points and took the runners-up spot on countback.“It’s been amazing,” said 12-year-old Kimberley, who plays off 23. Carys, aged 14 and a seven handicapper, said: “We’ve heard so much about this and I’ve loved it.”One of their highlights was receiving the goodie bag which went to all Grand Finalists: a PING golf bag, a pair of ECCO shoes and a voucher for PING Collection clothing. “We were buzzing to see the bags!” said Carys.Third place went to Devon’s Jackie Evans and Kim Burgess (Woodbury Park), who went out in the first group and set the target with their score of 42 points. They are friends who took up golf and achieved their first handicaps a couple of years ago – Jackie now plays off 31 and Kim off 34. “We’ve enjoyed the course, our partners were lovely and the goodie bag was fantastic, it was worth coming just for that!” said Jackie.Last year, Angela Allington was refereeing for England Golf at the PING tournament. This time she was playing, and in partnership with Helen Perry, claimed fourth place for Market Harborough Golf Club, Leicestershire, with 42 points.Fifth place, on countback, went to Tracey Rogers and Carol Annetts of Stock Brook Manor, Essex, who had 41 points. Mother and daughter, Helen and Rachel Boulton of Springwater, Nottinghamshire, were sixth, also with 41.The PING tournament started in 2006 and was an instant success, with the Plate Final added to the Grand Final after three years.Dave Fanning, PING’s European marketing manager, commented: “Each year we have seen how many people enjoy this, how many people take part and how much support we get from clubs. What’s so special about this is that it is open to lady golfers of all handicaps.”Click here for full scores 8 Sep 2015 Durham teenagers are PING champions last_img read more

FH Resident Writes Book About ‘Greatest Hockey Series Ever’

first_imgBy Michele J. KuhnFAIR HAVEN – As a kid in North Jersey, Tim Sullivan became a Devils fan.Tim Sullivan of Fair Haven, author of “Battle on the Hudson: The Devils, the Rangers and the NHL’s Greatest Series,” at Madison Square Garden.“Growing up about 10 miles from where they originally played. I think a lot of North Jersey people my age were Devils fans because it was an opportunity to see the game without having to go all the way to ‘the city,’” said the Montvale native, who has lived in Fair Haven with his family for the past eight years.“I think the Devils represented a new world of hockey in New Jersey … As close as the Rangers were, it was still a hassle to get there,” he said. “I think there are generations of Devils fans in New Jersey … that became fans because of the convenience, because of the location and because it was a team they could call their own.”Sullivan, now the east sports editor for The Associ­ated Press, has written a book about what he sees as the real start of this region’s serious interest in hockey. Battle for the Hud­son: The Devils, the Rangers and the Greatest NHL Series Ever is about the 1994 Eastern Conference Champ­ion­­ship series between the Devils, who had been in New Jersey 12 years and was one of the league’s “laughing stocks” with only one good season before 1993-94, and the venerable New York Rangers, one of the league’s six original teams, which was more than five decades removed from its last championship.The book chronicles what Sullivan calls hockey’s coming-of-age in the area, a time when the opportunity came for the sport to gain “more notoriety on both sides of the (Hudson) river.”“I wanted to write a hockey book about our area and a sort of a turning point in New York and New Jersey to where (hockey) became a little bit more ‘out there,’ there was a little more buzz about the sport,” he said. “1994 seemed to be the best starting point. You had both teams playing each other. One would go on to the Stanley Cup finals and there was a pretty good chance that one of them would win the Stanley Cup. It gripped (New York) City and all the suburbs in and around New Jersey.”The book also details a number of firsts for hockey. It was the first year that Gary Bettman, now the commissioner of the National Hockey League, worked in the league. It was the first year hockey could be seen nationwide and in Canada when games were shown on ESPN. It was the year after the Devils changed their uniforms from red and green to red and black and it was the first year for coach Jacques Lemaire.“1994 is really one of the years that hockey can look back on and say it really turned a corner. I wanted to show that year for its importance to the game,” he said.“The reason we called it the Greatest Series Ever is because the players, the people who covered it, broadcasters and the coaches …  all refer to it as that,” Sullivan said. “Both teams went on to win the Stanley Cup within 12 months and also because it was a huge ratings grabber. It gained attention all over the world and a lot of people look back on that series, and that year in particular, as the year hockey truly changed.”The dramatic series was won by the Rangers, which went on to win Lord Stanley’s Cup for the first time in 54 years. The following year it was the Devils turn to hoist the cup.Sullivan had just graduated from Duquesne University about two weeks before the series took place. He was covering the Pittsburgh Pen­guins for a Pittsburgh radio station and, when the Pen­guins were eliminated in the conference semifinals, he got the opportunity to cover the Devils-Rangers series for his station. Though he didn’t know he would be writing about the series years later, he “remembered it and held it in regard ever since.“It was a good experience,” he said. “It was something that I look back on, as does everyone who covered that series, as something they put on their resume. It was pretty amazing to be in those buildings for those games … I feel very fortunate … to have been part of those games.”Sullivan interviewed more than 250 players for the book, including Martin Brodeur, who was then a 21-year-old rookie and is now the only player on either the Devils or Rangers 1993-94 teams still an active National Hockey League player.Author Tim Sullivan is a Fair Haven resident.The book hit stores Oct. 1 and is selling well, Sullivan said. The publisher had made its sale available on a pre-sale basis after the Devils and the Rangers played for the Eastern Conference finals this spring, the same series they had contested 18 years earlier. That helped “generate a little more buzz” for the book, Sullivan said.The author will talk about and sign the book during an event, coordinated by River Road Books in Fair Haven, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 25, at Nauvoo Grill, 121 Fair Haven Road. Devils and Ranger fans also will be on hand to speak along with Sullivan about their memories of the series. The Sullivan family will make a donation, based on the number of people who attend, to the Hockey Fights Cancer, a NHL-sponsored charity.Sullivan, 40, and his family – he and his wife have a son and daughter – moved to Fair Haven in 2004 and love living in the community. “It’s everything everyone told us about it and more,” he said. He had been working at the St. Petersburg Times in Florida and came back to New Jersey to become sports editor at the New York Post.Sullivan’s passion for hockey is evident.“Once people start to acquire a taste for the game, I think a couple things happen,” he said. “Most fall in love with it and they wrap themselves up in it. For me, I wanted to make it a career even though I knew I wouldn’t be playing much past my high school years.“I think the biggest part is, it’s not easy to play. To develop the skills for it, you are almost developing two sports in one. You’re learning how to play hockey and skate all in one. It’s not an easy commitment for families to make because it’s not like a baseball field that’s right around the corner. So you really have to fall in love with the culture of the game because it ends up being deeply rooted in you. Once you’ve been through that and played at whatever level you’ve played, I think it sticks.”The love of hockey has clearly stuck with Tim Sullivan.last_img read more

Leaf profile: Patrick Martens reaches back to his Atom roots to find pot of goal at end of hockey stick

first_imgThroughout the KIJHL season The Nelson Daily Sports Editor Bruce Fuhr will take a capsule look at the players on the Nelson Leafs hockey club. Today the focus in on the red-hot Patrick Martens. The Maple Ridge Minor Hockey grad has been on one of the most amazing streaks in Nelson Leafs hockey history and now leads the KIJHL in scoring.Filling the net, like a Sidney Crosby or Wayne Gretzky, is the dream of every Canadian minor hockey player.However, seldom does the dream come true. Which is why there are so many checkers and grinders in hockey.Patrick Martens was one of those grinder-like players. That was until his sophomore season in the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League.Martens, or “Marty” to his teammates, has been on quite a roll for the Nelson Leafs. A streak that has seen the native of Moncton, N.B. score in the last ten games – including a seven-goal explosion during a recent road swing through the South Okanagan.Martens added a pair Wednesday night at the Murdoch Division-leading Leafs knocked off rival Beaver Valley 5-3.
 It was the seventh multiple point game during the streak for the 18-year-old sniper.”I think the last time I scored like this was in Atom. . .. I maybe had one four-goal game in Midget but nothing like this,” Martens, researching the career memory bank, admitted prior to practice at the NCDD Arena.”It definitely makes me more confident now,” added the 6-foot, 180-pound forward who has more points in 14 games this season than he did in the entire 2010-11 KIJHL season.”Our line is getting lots of chances now and it’s giving us lots of confidence knowing that I can put the puck in the net.”Martens is one of the few finds last season of coach and GM Chris Shaw.The Maple Ridge product had just experienced a successful conclusion to his minor hockey career playing for Ridge Meadows Midget AAA, where the squad lost in the B.C. Minor Hockey Midget AAA Championship to Kelowna.Martens registered ten points in six games to lead Ridge Meadows in scoring.Shaw liked what he saw, convincing the speedster to join the Green and White after a long courtship.”He (Shaw) has been watching me since Bantam,” Martens explained. “We  began a personal relationship and I decided to come to Nelson after talking to him.”However, the season under Shaw probably wasn’t the most enjoyable the 13-year career for Martens.Still, once hearing about the coaching change, Martens was confident with the core that was returning, this season would be different.”I heard Frank (Maida) was going in to coach and he coached with Simon Wheeldon and had good teams so I felt this was a good decision,” Martens said. “Plus I like the group of guys we have here so I was excited to come back.”And boy has there ever been a change both on and off the ice.Nelson has taken advantage of an abundance of home games to jump out to a 11-3-0-1 mark — tops in the entire KIJHL. Much of the reason for the early season success — Nelson is 8-2 in the last 10 games — is due part to the line of Martens, Matthew Naka and Colton Schell.The trio filled the net during the weekend series in the South Okanagan before combining for seven points in Wednesday’s win over Beaver Valley.”We’re doing everything the same,” Martens said when asked about the secret of the Naka, Martens, Schell unit.”We’re playing really well as a line, not worrying about who get points. Right now it’s kind of my turn and I’ve been fortunate to be able to put the puck in the net.””But it doesn’t really matter which one of us on our line or on the team scores,” Martens added. “Just as long as one of us scores and the team are winning.”The early season success has allowed Nelson to lead the Murdoch Division almost from the start of the season. Which has played a big part to the camaraderie on the Leaf roster.”It definitely wasn’t much fun playing last year,” said Martens, who spend time in Chile with family before moving to Maple Ridge with parents, mother Cindy and father Terry — the latter a big influence on his hockey career.”But being competitive this year has made the game a lot more funner the it was last year.”And then there’s the filling of the net for Martens who has climbed into top spot in KIJHL scoring.A similar spot those guys Crosby and Gretzky occupied on a yearly basis.Nice to see good things come to those who wait.Patrick Martens Fast Facts:Position: right wingAge: 18Born: Moncton, NBHometown: Maple RidgeHeight: 6-feetWeight: 180 poundsFavourite music: A bit of everythingFavourite hockey player: Pavel DatsyukFavourite NHL team: Colorado AvalancheHobbies other than hockey: Golf . . . sorry, hockeyBlackberry or iPhone: BlackberryFuture goals: Attend college to pursue an engineering degreelast_img read more


first_imgSANTA ANITA STATISTICS SANTA ANITA JOCKEYS’ CHARITY GAME TONIGHTThe 49th annual Santa Anita Jockeys vs. Holy Angels Elementary School Charity Basketball Game will be played tonight at La Salle High School in Pasadena, with proceeds to benefit Holy Angels athletic program, the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF) and the Eye on Jacob Foundation.Sponsored by Thoroughbred owner J. Paul Reddam’s CashCall and Santa Anita Park, tip off is scheduled for 7:15 p.m., with admission doors opening at 6:15 p.m.Hall of Fame jockeys Kent Desormeaux, Laffit Pincay, Jr., Mike Smith, Alex Solis and Gary Stevens will all be available at center court for an autograph signing session beginning at 6:30 p.m.With Pincay serving as honorary team captain, a number of active riders, including: Saul Arias, Tyler Baze, Rafael Bejarano, Brice Blanc, Desormeaux, Victor Espinoza, Martin Garcia, Santiago Gonzalez, Mario Gutierrez, Abel Lezcano, Kayla Stra, Chantal Sutherland, David Lopez, Edwin Maldonado, Gonzalo Nicolas, Martin Pedroza, Geena Lattanzio, Fernando Perez, Tiago Pereira, Flavien Prat, Iggy Puglisi, Alonso Quinonez, Joe Talamo, Drayden Van Dyke and perhaps others.When asked who he thought would lead the jockeys in scoring this year, Smith opined: “It’s between Drayden (Van Dyke) and Kent (Desormeaux). I’d have to give it to Drayden, maybe with 12 to 15 points. Kent’s more of a facilitator these days, moving the ball around. (He and I) are getting a little older, so I don’t think he’ll be scoring like he did 20 years ago.”TVG’s Kurt Hoover will be coaching the jockeys for his 15th consecutive year, and while his stewardship has produced mixed results, Hoover is confident in his “Big Two.”“We’ve got Desormeaux back and that’s really all we need,” said Hoover. “And the way Van Dyke played last year, we should be very tough to beat with those two guys alone. I’d make us a 7 ½ point favorite.”PRESS BOX STRAW POLL: Santa Anita Jockeys, 37, Holy Angels Boys, 26. TrainerSts1st2nd3rdWin%ITM%Money Won YOUNG AT HEART OBVIOUSLY KEEPS ON GOINGAt the ripe old age of eight, Obviously just keeps rolling along.The Irish-bred gelding has one way of going: speed, speed and more speed. In 22 starts in the United States, Obviously has been on the lead at some point in the race 19 times.The late Mike Mitchell, who previously campaigned Obviously for owners Anthony Fanticola or Joe Scardino, did not attempt to change his running style, nor does Phil D’Amato, who conditions the bay now.“He’s the same,” D’Amato said of Obviously, who drew post position six in a field of seven in the Arcadia, which should enable him to get the jump on his major rival, Om, another speedster, who drew the rail.“Obviously runs his race all the time,” said D’Amato, the meet’s leading trainer through 27 days with 15 wins, three more than runners-up Doug O’Neill and Bob Baffert.“Even though he’s eight, he’s lightly raced and he trains in the morning like he’s still four, so I don’t think he knows he’s eight.”Obviously will have a new rider in Mike Smith, taking over for Joe Talamo, who had ridden the gelding in his last 19 consecutive starts, winning eight, including the Grade I Shoemaker Mile twice.“I’m just trying to mix something up,” D’Amato explained. “Joe’s been a great pilot for years and will still be. He hasn’t won on him in a little while and has always ridden some big races for us, obviously. The owners conceived doing something different might get us in the Winner’s Circle.”The Arcadia field: Om, Gary Stevens, 7-5; Cape Wolfe, Rafael Bejarano, 6-1; Yes Yes Yes, Brice Blanc, 20-1; Big Cazanova, Joe Talamo, 20-1; Bolo, Flavien Prat, 4-1; Obviously, Mike Smith, 6-5; and Prospect Park, Kent Desormeaux, 4-1. (Current Through Sunday, Feb. 7) David Lopez1032081519%42%$585,296 NYQUIST HAS TEAM O’NEILL CAUTIOUSLY EXCITEDRACE STRATEGY FOR OBVIOUSLY REMAINS OBVIOUSDISTANCE SHOULD BENEFIT KYRIAKI IN SANTA MARIASANTA ANITA JOCKS FACE HOLY ANGELS BOYS TONIGHT Edwin Maldonado92168917%36%$604,590 Doug O’Neill9012151613%48%$656,782 Peter Miller6693714%29%$334,675 SANTA MARIA DISTANCE MORE SUITABLE FOR KYRIAKITrainer Peter Eurton expects an improved performance from Kyriaki in Saturday’s Grade II Santa Maria Stakes for older fillies and mares at 1 1/16 miles after the six-year-old Scat Daddy mare faded to eighth in the Grade II Santa Monica Stakes at seven furlongs on Jan. 23.Victorious longshot Lost Bus set rapid fractions of 44.80 and 1:09 flat in the Santa Monica, discouraging Kyriaki.             “Seven-eighths is not her cup of tea; the fractions are too fast,” Eurton said. “She likes a much easier pace where she can get in her comfort zone. Trying to run with them as fast as they went in the Santa Monica fried her.”The Santa Maria: Star Act, Tyler Baze, 15-1; Gas Total, Flavien Prat, 6-1; Birdatthewire, Mike Smith,5-2; Big Break, Edwin Maldonado, 20-1; Kyriaki, Rafael Bejarano, 12-1; Living the Life, Gary Stevens, 6-1; Yahilwa, Joe Talamo, 7-2; and Tara’s Tango, Martin Garcia, 2-1. Rafael Bejarano12327271022%52%$1,320,995 Philip D’Amato6715111222%57%$856,120 Richard Baltas5688514%38%$643,804 Santiago Gonzalez13225181319%42%$1,002,199 Flavien Prat11319131617%42%$1,258,248 NYQUIST SET FOR SAN VICENTE; BAFFERT EYES 10TH WINMonday is D Day for Nyquist and Team O’Neill, “D” as in the three-year-old “debut” for the undefeated two-year-old male champion of 2015, who runs in the Grade II San Vicente Stakes at seven furlongs.It will mark the first race for Nyquist since he captured the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile last Oct. 31, his fifth victory for owners Paul and Zillah Reddam and trainer Doug O’Neill.“I think just getting him back to competition is mandatory, obviously, so we’re all exited and pumped the way he’s coming into it,” O’Neill said, “but the bottom line is, you can’t say too much until he runs the race. Hopefully, he runs big.”A short field is expected for the San Vicente. Electrifying, one of seven horses Bob Baffert has nominated to a race the Hall of Fame trainer has won a record nine times, worked five furlongs in company Wednesday in 1:02. Stablemate Big Red Rocket went in 1:02.80.Baffert won the San Vicente last year with Lord Nelson. His other winners were Silver Charm (1997), Exploit (1999), Kafwain (2003), Fusaichi Rock Star (2005), Too Much Bling (2006), The Factor (2011), Drill (2012) and Shakin It Up (2013).In addition to the attractive racing card, Santa Anita will celebrate Presidents’ Day with another of its popular Dollar Days. Draft beers, hot dogs and sodas will be available for a buck apiece. First post time is 12:30 p.m. Admission gates open at 10:30 a.m. Bob Baffert571271021%51%$1,000,855 JockeyMts1st2nd3rdWin%ITM%Money Won FINISH LINES: Santa Anita resumes its lucrative guaranteed pools today, tomorrow and this weekend, as follows: Thursday and Friday, $300,000 Late Pick 4; Saturday and Sunday, $150,000 Pick 6 and $500,000 Late Pick 4; and Monday, $300,000 Late Pick 4 . . . For the first time in Santa Anita history, two female riders were on the morning line favorites in the same race, Rosie Higgins aboard Blue Law (5-2) and Geena Lattanzio on My Ole Bud (3-1) in today’s second race . . . Line of the meet likely came in Sunday’s fifth race, the Super Bowl Starter Handicap at 1 1/8 miles on turf. Following is Jon White‘s morning line on the 11 starters, with the closing odds in parentheses: 7-2 (7-2); 15-1 (40-1); 9-2 (9-2); 20-1 (30-1); 8-1 (16-1); 4-1 (2-1); 10-1 (11-1); 6-1 (7-1); 15-1 (25-1); 8-1 (10-1); and 12-1 (12-1) . . . Tom Quigley‘s handicapping guests this weekend at 11:20 a.m. in the East Paddock Gardens will be clocker for Andy Harrington Saturday; Toby Turrell of the Winners’ Card Yellow Sheet Sunday; and private clocker Gary Young Monday . . . Nancy Dollase, spokesperson for the Holy Angels Boys Basketball Team, informs Liana Bartolome, a 10-year-old fifth grader at Holy Angels who is known to her classmates as “Leyonce,” will sing tonight’s National Anthem, and popular public address announcer Pat Wickhem will emcee basketball festivities tonight at La Salle High in Pasadena. Jerry Hollendorfer79861210%33%$627,781last_img read more

Di Matteo, Smith and more

first_imgWatford want to re-sign Tommy Smith, reports the Daily Express.The Hornets are looking to replace Marvin Sordell, who moved to Bolton on deadline day, and are believed to be keen to capture forward Smith from QPR.On his way back to Watford?A loan move back to Vicarage Road would mean a third spell at Watford for Smith, who faces stiff competition for a first-team place at Rangers.The South Wales Echo reveal that Cardiff City boss Malky Mackay – formerly of Watford – is also interested in Smith and remains keen on Jamie Mackie.The Daily Mirror say Fulham are already planning a move to sign Hugo Rodallega when his Wigan contract expires at the end of the season.Tottenham are also apparently interested in the Colombian, who was linked with both clubs before the transfer window closed.The Mirror also claim FA chiefs could order Fabio Capello not to select John Terry for Euro 2012 after the Chelsea and England captain’s alleged racist abuse trial was set for the week following the tournament.Finally, while former QPR manager Neil Warnock is the strong favourite to take over at Leeds, the Express suggest Elland Road chairman Ken Bates’ preferred choice is Chelsea assistant boss Roberto Di Matteo.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Do you think this is a game? — Flappy Cache (GC507NW) — Geocache of the Week

first_imgPlay the game to get the geocache!Geocache Name:Flappy Cache (GC507NW)Difficulty/Terrain Rating:1.5/1.5Why this is the Geocache of the Week:For some, it’s a game. For other, it’s a hobby. And for a few, it’s a way of life. However you describe geocaching, we can all agree on one thing: it’s fun. Geocaches like this one add an extra level of fun before you even leave the house. In order to find this Mystery Cache, you’ll have to play a few rounds of a geocaching-themed version of the ever-popular game Flappy Bird. From there, you’ll get the coordinates to find a unique container. The combination of a fun and innovative description and puzzle, plus a cool container makes this geocache prime for plenty of Favorite Points.# of Finds:32 (it’s only been live for a couple of weeks)# of Favorite Points:11What the geocache owner, insane family, has to say:“Flappy bird came to my mind my kids love it, the game even made the news and almost everybody knows it. It’s an annoyingly great game in it’s simplicity, so I searched the web for ideas and I came across a opensource flappy bird clone in HTML5…I got to work on the game and replaced the bird with a traditional and the tubes with Travel Bugs. When it was finished I let my kids play the game they loved it. I was very pleased with the result of the game…I didn’t want to put it away in an ordinary Tupperware box because I love it when we find creative caches that suits the cache itself.”“I would like to thank all the finders of the cache for there great logs and favo’s, it inspires me to go on this way. I hope that other geocachers get creative ideas from our cache and with all the media available nowadays everything is possible, and please don’t forget the container where possible make it equal to your cache, because a great container stays in your mind.”What geocachers are saying:[all logs translated from Dutch]“Another fun and innovative way to put a puzzle together. Although I’m not a fan of Flappy myself, I find the use of the new HTML5 techniques used very nice with a nice mental twist. Insane family, keep it up! Another fav point from this team.” – Pdreijnders“Flappy was fast, but luckily we had the coordinates even faster…Nicely done, and the place where the cache was hidden, is new to us! A favorite point is coming.” – haglibber“Beautifully crafted puzzle. Although this game is hard for us, we still knew pretty quickly to get the coordinates. The cache was also beautifully made and was good to find. TFTC!” – Rik&MirRead More LogsPhotos:It’s more difficult than it looks. What’s the highest you can get?This is what you’re looking for.[vsw id=”eFTxSCBf_Tc” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”360″ autoplay=”no”]See More PhotosWhat’s the most interesting Mystery or Puzzle Cache you’ve ever found? Tell us in the comments.Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog.If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, leave a comment below with the name of the geocache, the GC code, and why you think we should feature it.Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedNano gets a new twist — Nano Invasion: A Tangled Mess (GC3YJ5Z) — Geocache of the WeekFebruary 5, 2015In “Geocache of the Week”The Ultimate Hiding Tool — Swiss Army Knife of Geocache Containers (GC53TZQ) — Geocache of the WeekSeptember 17, 2014In “Community”Take that, clown! — Pennywise the Clown (GC3XB2Z) — Geocache of the weekSeptember 11, 2013In “Community”last_img read more

Former BCCI chief P.M. Rungta passes away

first_imgPurshottam Rungta, former president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), died here on Thursday after a prolonged illness. He was 84.Rungta was the BCCI chief for a three-year term 1972-75 and was also the longest-serving president of the Rajasthan Cricket Association, managing its affairs for over three decades.Popularly known as ‘Bhaiji’, Rungta was suffering from a terminal illness. He collapsed Wednesday night and passed away in the early hours of Thursday.Rungta’s brother Kishen was a former Rajasthan captain and chairman of selection committee and his son Kishore was a BCCI treasurer.Rungta was a key player in the BCCI affairs for over four decadesBCCI President N. Srinivasan described him as an “invaluable guide”.”Mr. Rungta was an individual who lived and breathed cricket. He served the BCCI with distinction as its President, and was an invaluable guide in later years. He will always be missed,” Srinivasan said in his condolence message.Offering his condolences, BCCI secretary Sanjay Jagdale recalled his services to the Board.”The BCCI owes a lot to Rungta. He served the Board with distinction, as president, and in several other capacities. He worked hard to make Indian cricket a force to reckon with,” Jagdale said.In Kolkata, former BCCI chief Jagmohan Dalmiya said he had lost a “friend, philosopher and guide”. “I have so many fond memories with him. Mr Rungta was a great personality. He was in equal control of cricket administration, the finance part of sports, as also sports as a subject.”advertisement”The vacuum that has been created by his death would be difficult to fill. I have lost a very good friend, philosopher and guide,” Dalmiya told IANS.Jaywant Lele, a former BCCI secretary and a close associate of Rungta, said he was highly respected by the Board members and was a regular at all annual general meetings of the Board till 2000.last_img read more