Microsoft sues UK retailer Comet for selling counterfeit Windows CDs

first_imgIn the UK there are a few well known electronics retailers still operating stores across the major cities and shopping parks. One of those is Comet, which sells just about every home electrical product you can think of including PCs.Today, Microsoft has announced it is suing Comet for creating and selling counterfeit copies of Windows XP and Vista CDs. More specifically, Comet is alleged to have burnt 94,000 Windows recovery CDs at a facility in Hampshire and then sold them on to customers through its stores.Usually, a PC is shipped with the ability to create a Windows recovery CD. In this instance it seems Comet decided to offer customers the convenience of purchasing a recovery CD rather than having to go through the hassle of creating one themselves. Microsoft class the creation of such CDs as counterfeit, and has classed Comet’s actions as “unfair to customers.” It’s not only the fact the CDs were created by Comet, but that they charged for them too, which has pushed Microsoft to take action against them.So far Comet has yet to respond publicly. I assume the company will argue they were offering a service to customers, but that doesn’t mean what they were doing is legal under Microsoft’s terms and conditions.Microsoft may actually be missing an opportunity here. If they offered official recovery CDs direct to retailers it may form a new revenue stream. Comet seems to have taken the initiative, but is suffering the consequences for doing so.Read more at Microsoftlast_img read more