Heliox delivers multistandard bus charging system to Luxembourg

Source: Electric Vehicles Magazine Fleet EVSE manufacturer Heliox has delivered a multi-standard charging solution to Luxembourg bus operator Sales-Lentz. The new system allows electric buses from different manufacturers to charge with different interfaces.Vehicles using the Bus-Up and Oppcharge interfaces can charge with one Heliox OC charger, and automatically switch from one standard to the other.Heliox delivered a fast charging system to Sales-Lentz in June 2017, consisting of 3 en route charging stations that use an inverted pantograph system. Now Sales-Lentz plans to deploy new e-buses that use the Bus-Up roof-mounted pantograph system, so Heliox has engineered a multi-standard system that will allow both bus models to use the same charging equipment.“Projects such as the multi-standard system push e-mobility further and contribute to a healthier, climate-and-environmentally-friendly society to preserve the quality of life for our citizens,” said Luxembourg’s Secretary of State of the Economy, Francine Closener.“This project continues to support our forward-thinking approach in delivering innovative systems to the market that emphasize interoperability and the importance of open standards,” said Heliox Business Development Manager Koen van Haperen. Source: Heliox read more