January delights with wine and music

first_imgChef Cedric Houze marks his Indian debut as the executive pastry chef at Shangri-La and a live band The Scintillating will perform at the Island Bar.With more than two decades of experience in a unique combination of craftsmanship and unbridled creativity, Cedric Houze is truly a master French patissier. Savour his delectable creations such as macaroons, eclairs, muffins, croissants, Paris Brest, tarts, mousse, cheesecakes amongst other popular desserts at the Hotel’s patisserie UNO2GO. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’This January onwards, Island Bar will be the perfect destination to enjoy The Scintillating trio performances by the live band as you revel an extensive selection of wines and spirits. Sangtei, Roslin and Mac will play popular tunes as you sit back, indulge and enjoy a creative range of concoctions shaken up by our talented mixologists.For wine lovers, Island Bar offers an extensive selection of wines that are true to their origin and reflect their provenance. For the single malt lovers, there is an array of fiery spirits to choose from. The Scintillating Trio promises to regale you with both classic and contemporary hits at Island Bar from Thursday through Saturday evenings.When: January onwardsWhere: Shanghri-La – Eros Hotellast_img read more

A tale of two friends

first_imgPeople who braved the demonetization woes to visit Madhusudan Mancha of South Kolkata got to see a stage presentation of an old American Production. It was the eighth show of Indur O Manush on the third day of the United Bratyajon Festival being held in the city. When the despair is visibly felt around the country, Howrah Bratyajon chose to present its latest drama of despondence at the festival. American novelist, John Steinbeck penned the novel, ‘Of Mice and Men’ in 1937 when the great depression overpowered America in the 1930s. It is a moving tale of two friends, one a kind but a slow moving giant, Lennie Small and another strong, intelligent worker, comparatively smaller in size, George Milton.  Also Read – Add new books to your shelfTheir friendship grows deeper as they share a common dream of owning a homestead with paddy fields and domestic animals. George was aware of Lennie’s shortcomings of forgetfulness with a child-like simplicity as Lennie was a specially-abled person. The play revolves around these two persons, belonging to the migrating working class of the society, and their aspiration to be financially independent. But Lennie’s enormous physical strength, his transgressions and his fondness for soft things conspire against them. Though George was quite sympathetic to Lennie and guards him like his elder brother he finally takes a call to put him to sleep forever when Lennie acts as a potential danger to the society which can be typecast as the American way of settlement. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveDebasis Biswas, the experienced theatre practitioner and the director of Howrah Bratyajon, has presented the theatrical version of the novel with many of the prejudices of that time – racism, sexism, class struggles, and bias against those with disabilities. Loneliness is a striking factor of each character in this play. Evil of oppression and abuse is a theme illustrated in the play. The treatment meted out to ‘incapables’ in the society remains a sensitive issue as the society clearly fails to guide them into the ‘mainstream’.  The minimalistic usage of the props, regulated usage of songs and music, cowboy-like dresses with gun trotting characters, cigarettes dangling from the mouth and guitar in hand try to capture the typical essence of American cultures.  Koushik Kar with his characteristic mannerism and charisma portrays the character of a caring man who is a drifter, George Milton. Shankar Debnath , a senior actor, does his best to represent the tenderness of Lennie Small’s heart. Young Sumit Roy as Curley and Avirup Ghatak as the Boss of the ranch show their acting potential. Tannistha Biswas as Curley’s wife and Debasis Biswas as old Candy make the play worth a watch. The highlights of the show are the two songs sung by George (Koushik Kar) and Curley’s wife (Tannistha) and Lennie’s imaginary conversation with his dead aunt (Kalyani Biswas) in the end. But the actors fall short of dominating the stage while renowned film editor, Rabiranjan Moitra, prudently, in the process of composing music and sound provides them with ample opportunity. Playwright and director Sekhar Samaddar does a reasonably good job in the projection of light on stage, a role in which we do not see him much. Director of Howrah Bratyajon, Debasis opines, ‘Being a representative of a third world country, I feel not alienated from the dreams of Lennie and others, rather, I feel I can touch the volatile bubbles of hope even if they, in the long run, are submerged in the mist of hopelessness and futile efforts of our day to day life.’ When asked about the apprehension of falling short of hitting the right cord by not Indianising the script, he replies, ‘I thought the American context of the play – the ultimate hardships of the workers, their struggle for existence, their silent yet eloquent unity against exploitation and oppression and overall the dilemma they are constantly in – can easily transcend the barriers of local and international, geographical or cultural.’ After producing Jayoman, written by Amitava Samajpati, Death Case, written by Goutam Sengupta and Anandi Bai, written by Bratya Basu, the father- mother- daughter (Debasis, Kalyani, Tannistha) trio continues with their experiment in theatre.  Though the play failed to keep up the tempo at times, the intent of bringing the frenetic cadence of the primitive instinct of our lives to the fore can always be lauded.last_img read more

Mobile Broadband Goes to 4G

first_img Listen Now Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. Now that we’ve all gotten used to the concept of 3G, it’s time to look ahead to 4G. Mobile broadband over 3G EV-DO and EDGE networks currently delivers real-time traffic info, video clips, push e-mail and internet access to most large cities across the U.S. There still isn’t a clear delineation between that and 4G, but the next generation’s upside potential could be fixed download speeds in the 1Gbps neighborhood and downloads at 100Mbps when you’re on the move. That’s a whole lot of bandwidth, but you’re going to have to wait for it. Large-scale commercial 4G networks aren’t expected until 2010, and Japan and South Korea will likely lead the way in rollouts.Some big companies have been dropping big hints about 4G. Samsung recently conducted a field demonstration of its 4G technology in South Korea. Sprint Nextel–along with partners Intel, Motorola and Samsung–also announced a 4G wireless broadband initiative based on the mobile WiMAX technology standard. They expect download speeds between 2Mbps and 4Mbps and a relatively fast deployment. The Sprint network should be in trials by the end of 2007.For entrepreneurs, 4G should bring better mobile internet access and more powerful wireless multimedia applications for laptops and other devices. But as we learned with 3G, it can take time for services to become available.–Amanda C. Kooser This story appears in the January 2007 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » Call for ServiceMake your phone your own with services tailored to you.So-called mobile virtual network operators, or MVNOs, are buying up capacity from traditional wireless telecom carriers and offering up phones tailored to specific audiences. Service revenue related to MVNO offerings is expected to reach $10.7 billion by 2010 according to a Yankee Group prediction, and operators focused on entrepreneurs are vying for a piece.In particular, carriers are embracing search applications that can tie Yellow Pages-type listings and other special content to where a user physically happens to be, says Collin Holmes, vice president of product management for V-Enable, a San Diego company that provides technology for making such searches possible through voice commands.”Most of this content today is very hard to find with a mobile phone browser,” Holmes says. “All the carriers are focused on a better user experience.”Among those hoping to claim a piece of your cell phone bill, with services ranging from integrated home wireless voice mailboxes to bundled international long-distance and translation services, areAtlanta-based Cbeyond; Embarq in Overland Park, Kansas; Los Angeles-based TelePlus Group; and Voce in Beverly Hills, California.Heather Clancy, editor of technology newsweekly CRN, has been covering the industry for 14 years.center_img How Success Happens January 1, 2006 3 min readlast_img read more