EAT: Liaison

first_imgIt is so refreshing to find a restaurant in Oxford that is truly authentic; you won’t find the modern British twist on the spring roll or the ‘chinese’ pie and chips here. When you walk into Liaison, untouched by the hoards of Saturday shoppers, you see Chinese people of all generations. They may be talking loudly, eating with their mouths open and waving their chopsticks wildly, but this is a good sign. My companion and I have turned up for dim sum, the brunchtime/lunchtime Chinese equivalent of tapas. Ignoring the English menu, I somehow get away with impressing my companion, a quadrilingual blonde Dane who also reads Latin and Greek, with my (faltering) order in Chinese. A delightful start. My childhood favourite, char siu bau, are white fluffy buns filled with pork and sweet char siu sauce. This dish is a brilliant way to break someone new into dim sum; so inoffensive yet so moreish. The prawn dumplings wrapped in rice flour paper, and the pork dumplings too, vanish as soon as they arrive. The next bamboo container houses lotus leaves that parcel glutinous rice with long slices of chicken bursting with steam and flavour. Try the Vietnamese spring roll if you fancy a change from the traditional. Crispier, with different skin, it is rather interesting. I don’t let my companion leave without trying the customary chickens’ feet in black bean sauce. She displays her adventurous spirit by knocking back not just one but two feet. We end with Chinese egg custard tart, not too sweet, and very, very light. Socially, this is top draw; food for sharing with lots of mess and fun. This charming venue is packed with friendly staff who bustle about refilling the teapot whenever the lid is half open. The dim sum is simply superb. And there is always the doggy bag when one realises just what it is that one has ordered.ARCHIVE: 1st week TT 2004last_img read more

7th Circuit Allows Indy Airport To Proceed With Insurance Claim

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals is allowing the Indianapolis Airport Authority to move forward with part of an insurance claim stemming from a construction incident at the Midfield Terminal that delayed its opening in 2008.As the Indianapolis Airport Authority was in the process of constructing the Midfield Terminal in January 2007, two shoring towers that were being used to lift steel trusses failed, causing part of the terminal’s roof structure to drop by about 12 inches and temporarily shutting down construction. As a result, the Airport Authority incurred millions in inspection and repair costs, as well as other ancillary costs.The terminal construction project was insured by a policy underwritten by Travelers Property Casualty Co. of America. The customized policy included three categories of coverage: builders’ risk, or general coverage; soft costs, including bond interest in excess of the budgeted amount; and expenses to reduce the amount of loss, or ERAL, which was added to cover additional expenses to reduce delay and mitigate soft costs.Travelers ultimately left the Airport Authority with more than $9 million in non-covered loss, excluding soft costs. The Airport Authority sued, alleging breach of contract and seeking declaratory judgment.Both parties moved for summary judgment, which Chief Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana granted to Travelers in large part, construing the builders’ risk coverage narrowly and holding that the Airport Authority was not entitled to soft costs or ERAL coverage.Then, after Magnus-Stinson restricted the testimony of the Airport Authority’s two hybrid fact/expert witnesses, who were designated to testify on a remaining $2 million claim for inspection costs left for trial under the general coverage provision, the Airport Authority appealed to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Indianapolis Airport Authority v. Travelers Property Casualty Co. of America, 16-2675.On appeal, the Airport Authority challenged both the summary judgment order and its order on Travelers’ motion to exclude, which led to the restrictions on the hybrid witnesses’ testimony.  But Judge David Hamilton, writing for a unanimous 7th Circuit panel, said in a Friday opinion that the district court was correct in construing the general coverage provision narrowly.Under the unambiguous language of that provision, Hamilton wrote that the provision covered only accidental loss or damage to physical structures. Economic and other consequential costs, however, would not be covered under the general coverage provision, he wrote.Further, even though the shoring tower incident delayed the opening of the terminal, thus resulting in additional interest accrual on the bonds used to pay for the project, Hamilton wrote that a 90-day deductible window barred the Airport Authority from recovering soft costs.The language of the soft costs provision clearly holds that the 90-day deductible period would begin on the “planned completion date,” which was originally scheduled for Sept. 28, 2008, before the shore tower incident, the judge said. The 90-day period, thus, ran until Dec. 27, 2008.Although the construction manager estimated that the terminal would open on Feb. 22, 2009, which would have allowed the Airport Authority to recover soft costs between Dec. 27 and Feb. 22, Hamilton wrote that the authority did not incur and soft costs in that time period because the Midfield Terminal opened on Nov. 11, 2008.However, Hamilton also wrote that the Authority may be able to recover the additional costs it incurred in reducing the delay in opening the terminal as ERAL expenses.  The ERAL provision held that Travelers would pay the Authority’s necessary expenses during the “post-loss period of construction” if such expenses would not have been incurred but for a covered loss that delayed completion of the project.The ERAL provision was not based on whether Travelers paid soft cost claims, Hamilton wrote, but instead was triggered by the Airport Authority’s ability to mitigate Travelers’ soft cost liability. Thus, the Airport Authority is entitled to bring its ERAL claim before a jury, the judge wrote.Further, the 7th Circuit vacated the district court’s ruling on Travelers’ motion to exclude and instead remand the case for the district court to reconsider its decision. Hamilton wrote that the two hybrid authorities may testify as to the costs related to the incident and inspection services based on their personal knowledge of the incident, and further rejected the notion that the Airport Authority must designate expert testimony on damages. 7th Circuit Allows Indy Airport To Proceed With Insurance ClaimOlivia Covington for www.theiindianalawyer.comlast_img read more

Patisserie Holdings finance director Chris Marsh resigns

first_imgPatisserie Holdings has announced that Chris Marsh has resigned from his position as finance director.The move follows the suspension of Marsh earlier this month, after the discovery by the company of serious accounting irregularities and the urgent need for a £20m cash injection. Two days after his suspension, Marsh was arrested by police and released on bail.In a statement released today, Patisserie Holdings reported: “Following the suspension of Chris Marsh on 9 October 2018, the company has now accepted his resignation as the company’s finance director with immediate effect, while reserving its position in respect of any potential claims it may have against him.”On Wednesday the business announced that a winding-up petition against its trading subsidiary Stonebeach Limited had been dismissed.Patisserie HoldingsTotal number of sites: 206 *Brands: Patisserie Valerie (153 sites), Philpotts (22), Druckers (20), Baker and Spice (4), Flour Power City Bakery (1)Employees: 3,200Food/drink split (2017): 57/43Eat in/takeaway split (2017): 65/35Turnover: £60.5m (six months to 31 March 2018)EBITDA: £13.6m (six months to 31 March 2018)HQ location: BirminghamKey management: Paul May, CEO; Luke Johnson, chairmanPatisserie Holdings has a vertical supply chain, producing goods in-house at seven bakeries and delivering them to stores. Products are also sold online.Since acquiring the Patisserie Valerie business in 2006, the business has expanded rapidly through acquisitions and openings to more than 200 sites. In its current financial year, the business has been aiming to open 20 stores.Timeline1926: First Patisserie Valerie café opened in Frith Street in London’s Soho by Madame Valerie to introduce Continental-style patisserie to the English1939-1945: Café destroyed by bombing in Second World War, and Madame Valerie opens new Patisserie Valerie on nearby Old Compton Street1945-2005: Patisserie Valerie grows to eight sites in central London2006: Luke Johnson’s private equity firm Risk Capital Partners backs acquisition of Patisserie Valerie by Patisserie Holdings2007: Acquires Druckers – Vienna Patisserie2009: Acquires Baker & Spice, which operates sites in London and Oxford2013: Acquires London-based organic bakery Flour Power City Bakery2014: Acquires the Philpotts food supply and café chain2014: Patisserie Holdings listed on Alternative Investment Market2016: Annual sales exceed £100m for the first time2017: Launches trial partnership with Sainsbury’s, selling branded products on 12 supermarket counters. Partnership is a success and has since been expanded to 70 stores.201810 October (AM): Share trading suspended as company launches investigation into serious accounting irregularities. Chief financial officer Chris Marsh suspended.10 October (PM): Winding-up petition filed at the High Court relating to £1.14m owed to HMRC by Stonebeach Limited, the company’s principal trading subsidiary.11 October: Patisserie Holdings reports it cannot continue to trade in its current form without immediate cash injection.12 October: Chris Marsh arrested by police and released on bail.15 October: Share offer raises £15.7m to help Patisserie Holdings continue trading, while chairman Luke Johnson provides £20m in loans.24 October: Stonebeach winding-up order is dismissed.26 October: Chris Marsh resigns from finance director role.last_img read more

Greener Grounds Discuss ‘Momentous’ New Album, Writing Songs & More

first_imgThere were millions dust particles dancing in the smoky air, kicked up by barefooted people without a care in the world. Lights flashed across smiles stretched tight and the music penetrated every cell. A pulse of jamtronica integrated into the hearts of the wanderers who found themselves there. The crowd was only about half of those who found this band by serendipity, however, as the other half knew exactly what was coming in the sets between The New Mastersounds and Papadosio.Greener Grounds kept the party going strong with intricate harmonies, funkadelic synthesis and all around positive vibration. Throughout their two sets, they brought out some of their fan-favorites such as “Clairvoyance” and a cameo appearance from Kevin Donohue from SunSquabi to play “Invisiball”, as well as showcased some of their new material just released on their new album Momentous. Hoots and hollers, wolf calls and hearty “YEAH!!s” carried over the crowd of dancers and wild things.Live for Live Music got the chance to sit down with all four band members – guitarist Joe Shur, keyboardist Roland Hanson, bassist Jay Rieder and drummer AJ Gillman – before the festivities began, and here is what they had to say about their music, their skyrocketing career, and what it’s like to be a team in the writing process.L4LM: Tell me about your new album Momentous; what was unique to this album from your EP Photosynthesis?Roland: We’ve definitely come a long way from our first EP Photosynthesis. I think our composition has become better and more complex. We also introduced Ableton. We’ve been a band now for about two and a half years, so two and a half years worth of work shows in this new album.AJ: Yeah so we have a computer onstage now. If you compare them, Photosynthesis and Momentous, you can see the growth. As soon we dropped the EP, we just hit the ground running with Momentous.Joe: I think something really unique that we worked on with this album was the songs we made like, over a year and a half ago, so it was kind of like piecing together some old songs with some new songs we were making. So they had completely different sounds to them and there are a lot of different colors to them.AJ: A lot of the songs we were playing live before we recorded them, and a few of them we waited to drop after Momentous hit pretty much. But as soon as we got done with Photosynthesis we got started writing right away. We were able to come out with an album a year later. We needed some new stuff out there for people to listen to. People don’t always want to listen to live sets; they want to listen to studio stuff too. It makes a big difference. People always tell us “I have one CD in my car and I have to listen to it over, and over, and over again,” It’ll get stuck in your head and that’s what’s happening with us for a lot of people. They tell us, “We listen to your stuff all day because it’s the only thing we have in our car, but it’s still good, you know.”L4LM: Can you tell me your guys’ writing process?Roland: It’s different for a lot of our different songs.Joe: It depends on what we’re going for.Roland: Sometimes I start a riff, or I have a basic concept for a song, and we all get together and put pieces in and build it together. It’s never one person writing a whole song. It’s always a collaboration. Joe writes a lot of the music – he’ll come up with some really interesting lines. We all get together off one idea that one of us has, and build songs together.AJ: And then the other process is that we have these Ableton tracks that Roland writes alone, and then he introduces it to us and then we kind of build the song around it.Joe: It’s definitely a big collaboration, yeah pretty much off of one person. But it’s cool because I’ve noticed, making a riff or making a lick and having an idea for a song, then coming to these guys, sometimes it’ll change up for the better. We’ll kind of develop a song that relates to all of us, because the four of us have very different musical backgrounds but it all clashes beautifully.AJ: There are a lot of changes in our music that goes from one vibe to a complete 180, it’s somewhere else, and we like doing that because we all have different ideas. We all want to make each other happy with the song that we’re writing. And, you know, if I have a crazy part, there’s no reason why it can’t work itself into the song at one point even though your crazy part (looks at bandmembers) sounds completely different. Some of our songs may start with like an island-reggae style then we go into a real high-energy sea-beat and just jam for awhile. Also we try to go into different directions in the same song.Joe: I think we really have a good way with crowd-control. Making people feel different emotions throughout the set. We have a lot of different influences and people will come up to us and be like, “You guys sound like this band,” and somebody else will be like, “Nah, they sound like this band!”Roland: “Yeah, you guys sound like this band with a  little bit of mix from this band and there’s a little bit of this band in there too.”Joe: In Saint Louis some guy kept screaming at the top of his lungs, “Next tribe! Next tribe!” like so loud!Jay: Yeah our diversity in our music styles that we have a little bit of something for everybody, which really plays to our advantage. Whether you are big into electronica or just the jam or heavy metal or whatever, there’s a little bit of something for everybody. So everyone can enjoy it at least a little bit if not the whole set. We go for it.Joe: We’ve heard people say we sound like anywhere from Lotus to Between the Bird and Me.AJ: I heard Deftones a couple weeks ago. Our music has theatrical elements that can really bring out emotion in people. Like some of our tunes, the progressions can really make a person feel something, not just make them want to dance. You can get real happy from like hearing some of the stuff we play. It happens for me, and it happens for other people I talk to and I think that’s really cool to be able to do that, because you know when it’s happening.Joe: I think it’s also the beauty of instrumental music – people aren’t really focused on any vocals, they’re just listening to us play our instruments. We kinda like to sing through just our instruments.L4LM: Well it’s really fun to watch too, especially in festival communities, there’s kind of a higher consciousness level, right? There’s a bigger grid, and people are already more open to that connection, so when you have the ability to effect one person, it’s contagious and that vibe becomes everybody.Roland: That’s one of the most fulfilling things about playing in a band for me, is just the connected energy that we have with each other, with the crowd, and when that energy builds you can see it in their faces, you can see it in our faces, and it’s just this magical moment.Joe: It’s a cycle, you kind of react off their energy that they’re reacting off of what you’re playing and if you can keep it going that’s awesome.L4LM: How big is your fan-following?AJ: It’s grown tremendously over the last year, so we’ve noticed that our crowds are starting to be less of just our friends and more people we don’t know. And we’ve definitely been extending out to the East Coast, playing in the Midwest, it’s cool to make new fans and the second time we went around just last month we noticed so many people have picked up onto us since coming out there and it’s kind of the expansion.Roland: We just had our album release party at Cervantes’ Other Side last weekend and we sold that out. It’s futurized.AJ: We’ve gotten a lot of good response from Ohio, especially, just from playing our first out-of-state shows there. We played a lot of festivals there and had a lot of great opportunity, so other than Colorado I would say that Columbus is our hot-spot. We have a lot of friends out there that like to come out and get hype with us.L4LM: What’s your favorite venue you’ve played at?Roland: We have not played there yet but we are about to play at the Mishawaka Amphitheater with EOTO and Unlimited Aspect on August 20th. And that will be my favorite.AJ: Yeah, I’m stoked that’s one of the coolest venues in Colorado.L4LM: What festival is your favorite? Have you been to any of these 12 festivals on this tour before or will they mostly all be first-timers?AJ: We’ve already done about nine of them.Joe: This is our second year at ARISE.Roland: Yeah ARISE this year was our second and so was Sonic Bloom. And then we are playing Resonance in Ohio in September and that will be our second year as well. And the rest were all first times.L4LM: How does it feel to be asked to play a new festival, or approved?Joe: Definitely crazy…AJ: Just being asked to play a festival instead of pitching ourselves to a talent buyer is a very cool thing. I know Backwoods in Oklahoma is a big one and they reached out to us which I was surprised about. They want up-and-coming Colorado bands for some reason, that’s what they think is hot right now because of the scene here. People from Colorado come out to go to festivals all over the country and I think that may have been a reason but we’re definitely getting people’s attention.L4LM: Colorado has definitely become the center-point for the rest of the country. Did you all grow up in Colorado?Joe: Me, Roland, and Jay actually all did and we went to the same high school together. Then we just randomly found AJ on Craigslist and he moved out here from Philly; kind of like destiny.AJ: I was living out here for a little while before I found you guys and after I left my old band in Philly, which was doing fine, but I saw the potential out here when I visited to see some shows and I was like, “I gotta move to Colorado” and I did right after that and then I met these guys. Now two years later we’re touring. It’s all happened so fast but it’s definitely been the best experience.Joe: It was meant to be. Everything’s kind of just coming full circle for us and we’ve realized that this is what we’re meant to be doing.AJ: It’s nice because I have some resources on the East Coast, our manager is from Connecticut, so when we tour over there we have places to stay, we know some people, so when we’re in places we’ve never been before we can get some friends out, get the word out, which is super helpful.L4LM: What are your memorable moments from this tour?AJ: I would definitely say the time at Farm Fest there was a huge rainstorm right before we were supposed to play. We had to tarp off all the gear and get everything expensive out of the way. We didn’t even know it was going to happen because it went on for like 45 minutes and then it was gone.L4LM: After that, pretty much the whole festival came out. AJ: We did not expect to have that big of a crowd at that time.Roland: It was a blessing because it was so hot, if it wouldn’t have rained and our set wouldn’t have been postponed, we probably would have had about half the crowd, with half the energy.AJ: It pushed our set later into the nighttime/late afternoon, which was great. We always want to play later, and it didn’t affect our time so we got to play for the full-length and go later. It was a win-win for everybody.L4LM: Do you prefer day sets or night sets? The later the better?(In unison): Night sets.Roland: We play dance music.Joe: Just because of the electronic base that we have, it’s just more fun with lights and people tend to have more energy at night and so we pick up the energy too.Jay: Most of our music is dance-beat.Joe: Yeah, exactly. We try to change it up, if we play a day set we play mellower and jammy type stuff; we don’t try to play the bangers or any of our heavy stuff before it gets dark. People usually like to hear that at night. .L4LM: How did you guys get signed with Nimbleslick?AJ: Our manager James was actually contacted by them to be picked up as one of their clients so pretty much us and the rest of the bands he manages were all on the roster for Nimbleslick.Joe: They’re based out of Georgia but they wanted to open up a Denver office so James and a few others were the first people to start that office. James became a booking agent for Nimbleslick so he manages us personally and also does all of our booking. He has a bunch of clients that he does booking for but I think we’re the main one he focuses on for management. Without him and all the things he’s been able to do for us, we wouldn’t be as close to where we are right now. We don’t know about publicity, and marketing and all that stuff like he does.L4LM: How would you describe your music in one word?Joe: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.Jay: Diverse.Roland: Diversity is a good one. We mess around with a lot of genres and styles and tempos and we’re just kind of all over the place.AJ: Space-travel.L4LM: Last but certainly not least, what’s your go-to candy?Joe: Nerds Rope or Sour Patch Kids. Just mix in both of those together and shove them into my face.AJ: I like that AirHeads Tape, or that Sour Patch Tape – I mean, it’s all good.Jay: I’ve always liked those strawberry candies with the juicy filling in the middle.L4LM: Oh my God, yeah like at Grandma’s house?!Jay: Yeah, the grandma one! You get them at like the Dollar Stores and that’s about it.Joe: Roland’s a chocolate guy.Roland: I was literally about to say, “I’m a chocolate guy.” Toblerone or Ghirardelli.L4LM: Also, for my own personal interest, what are your Zodiac signs?Joe: I’m a giant crab. Which is crazy, because my grandmother was actually killed by a massive crab. *everyone bursts out laughing* So sorry, I actually heard that joke from some movie once…Jay: I’m a Scorpio.Roland: I’m a Capricorn.AJ: Taurus.L4LM: That’s a nice equal combo, earth and water signs.Roland: How can we figure out what the band’s sign is?Joe: We’re a Tanceruscorpio.Jay: A tangerine-scorpio.Greener Grounds will be finishing up this tour with three more dates in Colorado, with Old Town Pub in Steamboat Springs on August 19th, the Mishawaka Amphitheater on August 20th, and a Phish Pre-Party with Pink Talking Fish at the Fox Theatre in Boulder on August 31st before heading out to Resonance (Ohio), Backwoods (Oklahoma), and Luna Light (Maryland) festival. Be sure to catch them at any of these shows, because once they are all just good memories, Greener Grounds will be taking a break from touring while they write even more new music and get started on their next album. They aren’t giving themselves a deadline, so really it’s up to their creative waters on how fast these guys flow into their new album release. As Joe put it, “We wanna put more time into this one than we have with the last few. It’s been good to get the music out that we have but we have not stopped, not taken a minute to breathe, and we need to write some more music so we’re not playing repeated shows. Not like we play the same sets – we’d never do that. But we’re trying to change the order and change the songs up.” Roland quickly followed up with, “We wanna come out in festival season next year and just be playing sets where people are like, ‘I have never heard any of this stuff.’”A friendly reminder for those unfortunate fans that won’t get a chance to catch them live before they go into hiding with their new album, all their music is free online (donations appreciated) through their website, or you can stream them from Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, iTunes, or follow their page on Facebook.last_img read more

BP to write down oil and gas assets, expects quicker ‘transition to a lower carbon economy’

first_imgBP to write down oil and gas assets, expects quicker ‘transition to a lower carbon economy’ FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:BP Plc will make the biggest writedown on the value of its business since the Deepwater Horizon disaster a decade ago, as the coronavirus pandemic hurts long-term oil demand and accelerates the shift to cleaner energy.In a dramatic revision that prompted questions about the affordability of its dividend, the British giant cut its estimates for oil and gas prices in the coming decades between 20% and 30%. It also expects the cost of carbon emissions to be more than twice as high as before.Under its new Chief Executive Officer Bernard Looney, BP has been quicker than many of its peers to plan for a low-carbon world. Yet moves toward a more sustainable future are bringing financial pain today, and investors are asking fundamental questions about the value of oil majors.BP is reviewing its projects against those new price assumptions, which could result in some oil discoveries being left in the ground. The risk of so-called stranded assets is just one of many challenges the industry faces as trends in energy consumption shift and policymakers pursue green targets.The company will take non-cash impairment charges and write-offs in the second quarter, estimated to be in a range of $13 billion to $17.5 billion post-tax. That could increase gearing — the ratio of net debt to equity — toward 50%, by far the highest in the industry, said RBC analyst Biraj Borkhataria.“BP now sees the prospect of the pandemic having an enduring impact on the global economy, with the potential for weaker demand for energy for a sustained period,” the company said in a statement on Monday. “The aftermath of the pandemic will accelerate the pace of transition to a lower carbon economy.”[Laura Hurst and Amanda Jordan]More: BP writes off billions as Covid redraws rules of oil demandlast_img read more

James Smith NAV rise sends shares soaring

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Govt to secure staple food stocks as dry season approaches

first_imgHowever, the ministry acknowledged six provinces experienced rice supply shortages last month, including Riau, Riau Islands, Bangka Belitung Islands and North Maluku, whose stocks were over 25 percent less than demand.“If there is a province facing shortages, we have to be careful and pay utmost attention, reminding ourselves about the distribution amid the COVID-19 outbreak,” Syahrul, a Nasdem Party politician, said in an online briefing on Tuesday.The Agriculture Ministry and the State Logistics Agency (Bulog), the government body tasked with securing national staple food stocks, has since addressed the shortages by distributing products from provinces with excess supplies to those facing shortages.However, on top of the looming risk of drought, the country’s food supply chain currently faces logistical disruption caused by the social restrictions to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. Some 30 percent of the country’s regions face a worse-than-usual dry season this year, said President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on Tuesday, referring to data from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG).The President, therefore, instructed the government to store rainwater and start filling reservoirs, retention ponds and other artificial water-storage places.“Water supply in centers of agricultural production is key,” Jokowi said in an online briefing on Tuesday. “We have to make use of the remaining rain right now, ensure farmers continue harvesting while complying with the health protocols.”To ensure enough stocks of garlic, beef and sugar until June, the Food Security Agency reported that it would expedite imports.The Coordinating Economic Minister, Airlangga Hartarto, reported on Tuesday that firms had procured 94,000 tons of garlic from China in April and estimated they would import 78,000 tons more this month.As a result, the average price of garlic declined by 5 percent to Rp 42,650 (US$2.62) per kilogram last month compared with the price in March.In late April, the President also stated that 30 provinces faced shortages of sugar and 31 provinces faced shortages of garlic, which resulted in soaring prices.The average price of sugar rose by 9.6 percent to Rp 18,250 per kg between March and April, way above the government’s price ceiling of Rp 12,500 per kg, data from the Information Center for Strategic Food Prices (PIHPS) show.In response to the anticipated dry season, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Indonesia office (FAO Indonesia) has discouraged people from stockpiling food at home and buying too much fresh food at one time as products may spoil.Topics : Facing the possibility of a prolonged dry season, the government has pledged to maintain the supply of staple foods and the stability of food prices.On Tuesday, Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo stated that the national stock of 11 key food products, including rice, would be sufficient to meet the nationwide demand until June.The rice stock is expected to stand at 14 million tons between April and June, exceeding the estimated consumption of 7.6 million tons within those three months.last_img read more

India vs England, 2nd Test, Day 2: As It Happened

first_imgHello and Welcome to our Live Coverage of Day 2 of the second Test between India and England at Vizag. (Live Scorecard)England 1st Innings: HighlightsEngland 103/5 at stumps, trail India (455) by 352 runs. Ben Stokes 12*, Jonny Bairstow 12*, Ravichandran Ashwin 2/20.At Stumps on Day 2 #ENG are 103/5, trail #IND (455) by 352 runs #INDvENG BCCI (@BCCI) November 18, 2016Terrific day for India! They’re well on top in this second Test! First they managed to post 450-plus on the board, thanks to some lower order contributions and then picked up five wickets as well of England. The visitors didn’t get off to a good start as they lost Cook early when Shami bowled a peach. They kept on losing wickets but Root held one end up. Ashwin and Jayant Yadav ran through the batting line-up and then Root lost his control too, got out after his fifty. Since then, Bairstow and Stokes controlled things. They batted cautiously and avoided further damage.England are still 352 runs behind and their first task will be to avoid the follow-on. They need a big partnership here. Let’s see how they respond on a wicket which has started to turn and the odd one staying low. CLOSE Stokes & Bairstow see out the rest of the day as we end on 103-5, trailing by 352 #INDvENGCatch up: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 18, 201616.18 IST: England with their top order back in the hut, now have a huge mountain to climb. ENG 93/5, trailing by 362 runs. advertisement16.09 IST: Jadeja to Stokes, huge shout for caught-behind! India take a review but, Not Out says the third umpire as the bat brushed the front pad. Eng 92/515.36 IST: Jayant to Moeen, OUT!! That’s hitting! Flighted on middle, Moeen comes forward to defend but gets hit on the pads. There is an appeal for a leg before but the umpire says no. India decide to take a review as they look confident. Yadav convinces his skipper and Kohli takes a quick review. Replays show it’s pad first. The ball tracking technology shows the impact is in line and the ball would have hit the leg stump so that’s out. Decision overturned! Jayant Yadav picks up his maiden Test wicket. Eng 80/5, trail by 375 runs 15.24 IST; Ashwin to Root, OUT!! The move to go over the wicket works! Floated outside off, Root thinks it as a chance to score, he slinks down the wicket to hit it over covers. He is too close to the ball and ends up lofting it towards Umesh Yadav at deep mid off. Ashwin gets the big wicket and he is all excited. Eng 79/4 in 31.4 ovs(AP Photo) WICKET Root goes moments after reaching 50, caught by Umesh Yadav off Ashwin. England 79-4 #INDvENGLive: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 18, 201615.08 IST: Ashwin to Duckett, OUT!! TIMBER! Floated on middle, Duckett plays down the wrong line and is beaten all ends up. The ball goes past his outside edge and cannons into the off stump. Ashwin is all pumped up and why not. Another failure for Ben and given how he has played spin so far, could have more failures lined up unless he works on his off side game. Eng 72/3 WICKET A sharp turner from Ashwin bowls Ben Duckett to leave England 72-3 #INDvENGLive coverage: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 18, 201614.48 IST: OUT! RUN OUT! Flatter on middle, Root clips it through mid-wicket. They cross for a single. Jayant Yadav chases it well and stops the ball and fires the throw at the striker’s end. Root wants the second but sends Hameed back late. The keeper collects the ball and despite not being in balance he manages to deflect it onto the stumps. That is out and Hameed will be disappointed big time. To get out to run out on this wicket, is criminal. It is on any wicket but this could just trigger a collapse.14.48 IST: There is an appeal for a run out which is referred upstairs. Haseeb is the man there. He looks gone! India are celebrating already.14.13 IST: England 34/1 at tea, trail India (455) by 421 runs. Root 23*, Hameed 9*, Shami 1/14 At Tea on Day 2 #ENG are 34/1, trail India (455) by 421 runs. Follow the game here – #INDvENG BCCI (@BCCI) November 18, 2016A good session for England! They did not allow India to score that many runs after the lunch and Rashid and Ali wrapped up the tail in a jiffy. Shami though gave the hosts the perfect start as he castled Alastair Cook early. Joe Root and Haseeb Hameed then came together to steady England as the both Umesh Yadav and Mohammed Shami began well and tested them through.advertisementThere is a lot of work left, with the trail a massive 421 runs, England will know they have their work cut out. India will hope their spinners come into play more with the older ball and maintain their grip on the game. Do join us in a while for the final session of play. TEA Hameed & Root take us to the break at 34-1. What we will finish Day Two on? ?? #INDvENGFollow it live: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 18, 201613.48 IST: Fast-bowlers are always told to target the top of off-stump. Mohammed Shami had other ideas as he broke the stump in half with a ripper.(AP Photo) 13.41 IST: Excellent over from Umesh, bowls a maiden. Eng 20/1 in 8 ovs, trail Ind (455) by 43513.41 IST: U Yadav to Hameed, No run. Good length ball outside off, Hameed leaves it alone. That delivery was bowled at 148KMPH. 13.37 IST: The pitch is playing tricks now as the odd ball is keeping low. Eng 20/1 in 7 ovs 13.19 IST: JOE ROOT is the new man in. There is a new stump as well. 13.17 IST: Shami to Cook, OUT!! BOWLED ‘EM! This is a peach! Good length ball on middle and off, nice movement there, Cook tries to defend it off his back foot but misses it completely. The ball goes through his defense and rattles the timber. It has in fact broken the stump. Crazy stuff! The ball hit the top of off stump and that part is broken. Cook looked clueless there. Reminds me of a delivery which Ryan Harris bowled to him during the 2013-14 Ashes series. Eng 4/1 2.3 ovs2nd Test. 2.3: WICKET! A Cook (2) is out, b Mohammed Shami, 4/1 #IndvEng @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) November 18, 201613.14 IST: Umesh’s first over goes for four runs. Eng 4/0 in 2 ovs, trail Ind (455) by 451 13.09 IST: Shami starts off the proceedings with the ball for India with a maiden. Eng 0/0 in 1 over 13.05 IST: Mohammed Shami has the new ball in his hands, Alastair Cook will take strike. India 455-all out vs England. Virat Kohli 167, Cheteshwar Pujara 119, Ravichandran Ashwin 58, James Anderson 3/62, Moeen 3/98.(AP Photo)Innings break! #TeamIndia 1st innings total- 455. Follow the game here – #INDvENG BCCI (@BCCI) November 18, 2016England have wasted no time to dismiss the Indian tail in this session. Ashwin got out after his well-composed fifty. Stokes got his rewards when he took Ashwin’s wicket and towards the end Umesh Yadav provided some entertainment with the bat and the last pair helped India cross the 450-run mark.Earlier, it was Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara’s 226-run stand which put India on the top. The Indian skipper got out after a terrific 167 and Pujara smashed another ton. For England, Anderson was the pick of the bowlers yesterday as he picked three wickets but today he couldn’t do much. Moeen Ali got three wickets in the first session today while Rashid got two in this one. So India will be happy with their total overall. advertisement12.55 IST: Rashid to Yadav, OUT! Umesh holes out! Floated outside off, Umesh looks to go for another big one but this against the turn. He finds Moeen Ali at deep mid-wicket. End of an entertaining cameo from Umesh. INDIA BOWLED OUT FOR 455! ALL OUT India end on 455 as Umesh Yadav picks out Moeen on the fence off Rashid #INDvENGFollow our reply: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 18, 201612.52 IST: Rashid to Shami, SIX!! TAKE THAT! Floats it outside off, Umesh gets under it and hammers it up and over the long off fence for a maximum. 450 up for India! That’s a superb shot.12.51 IST: Umesh smacks Moeen for two consecutive boundaries as Ind reach 448/9 in 129 ovs 12.47 IST: Rashid to Jayant, OUT!! RASHID STRIKES! Floated outside off, Jayant goes for the slog sweep but gets a top edge. He himself screams in disgust. The leading edge goes towards point where Anderson takes the catch. End of a fine knock from Jayant. India reach 440/9 12.30 IST: Stokes to Ashwin, OUT!! ASHWIN DEPARTS! Outside off, on a length, Ashwin throws his bat at it from his body and gets an outside edge. Ashwin looks back to see it carried, it had. The keeper did not even appeal, Stokes raises his hand and watches the umpire give it out. But job done by Ashwin. Ind reach 427/8WICKET! Ashwin goes for 58, nicking behind off Stokes. India 427-8 #INDvENG #twotogo ???Live coverage ?? England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 18, 201612.17 IST: M Ali to Ashwin, FOUR! FIFTY! Shorter outside off, Ashwin cuts it through the backward point region for a boundary. He brings up his 8th Test fifty with that too. Ind 420/7 FIFTY! @ashwinravi99 brings up his 8th Test half century @Paytm Test Cricket #INDvENG BCCI (@BCCI) November 18, 201611.33 IST: India 415/7 at lunch. Virat Kohli 167, Ravichandran Ashwin 47*, Jayant Yadav 26*, Moeen Ali 3/77. At Lunch on Day 2 #TeamIndia are 415/7 (Ashwin 47*, J Yadav 26*). Follow the game here – BCCI (@BCCI) November 18, 2016Another dominating session for India! They have scored 98 runs in the session and despite the wickets for England. the hosts remain on top, the toss could very well be the most crucial moment won by India. England bowled tight lines to not let India run away with the game. Virat Kohli did not add much to his overnight score and departed to Ali, who struck twice in the same over to dismiss Jadeja for a duck.Ashwin though has held one end up with a fine batting display. He has shared a 50-run stand with Jayant Yadav to take India past 400. LUNCH Mo’s 3 wickets hand England a boost as India reach 415-7 #INDvENGCatch up on the action: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 18, 201611.21 IST: India reach 400 for the loss of 7 wickets in the 116th over11.18 IST: M Ali to Ashwin, FOUR!! Partnership moves on to 35 from 62 balls. Ind 398/710.58 IST: Unsuccessful review from England, Jayant Yadav survives. Ind 376/7 10.57 IST: Rashid to Jayant, huge shout for leg-before! England have taken a review. Ind 376/7 10.38 IST: WICKET! Moeen Ali is on fire. He gets his second wicket in three deliveries. Jadeja departs without disturbing the scoreboard. Nicely tossed up around middle, Jadeja plays for the turn, tries to defend but misses the line. He gets hit on the pads and there’s a confident appeal for a leg before yet again. Dharmasena raises his finger rather quickly this time and Moeen gets his third scalp in no time. Jadeja has a chat with Ashwin and decide not to take a review. Well, replays show the ball would have missed the leg stump and Jadeja would have survived, had he taken a review. India 363/7 in 104.4 overs 10.36 IST: WICKET! Moeen Ali strikes again and this time he traps Wriddhiman Saha. Flighted ball outside off, turns in sharply after landing, Saha goes onto his back foot to play but misses and gets hit on the pads. There a big appeal for a leg before but umpire Dharmasena is unmoved. England stop appealing and start chasing the ball, the batsmen look for a run too but suddenly Dharmasena now raises his finger after taking a long look. Saha can’t believe it and he takes a review. Replays show it would have hit the stumps so he has to go. India 363/6 in 104.2 overs 10.31 IST: Drinks Break! India have scored 46 runs in the first hour of play and lost the wicket of Kohli (167).10.18 IST: Moeen Ali to Kohli, OUT!! What a superb reflex catch! Bowls it outside off, Kohli looks to drive it through covers but it is not to the pitch of the ball and gets an edge that flies quickly towards Ben Stokes at fist slip going to his right. That was well held by Stokes. End of a superb innings from Kohli and he walks back for 167. Moeen won’t mind it at all, it got a bigger scalp thanks to the drop. Ind 351/5 in 100/3 ovs  WICKET! Kohli goes for a superb 167, caught by Stokes at slip off Moeen Ali. India 351-5 #INDvENGLive: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 18, 201610.18 IST: Ali to Ashwin, Dropped! Floated outside off, Ashwin almost guides it into the hands of Ben Stokes at first slip. Stokes goes to his right at first but then spots the ball going to his left. The ball lobs towards leg gully and that is a chance gone down. A single taken. 10.14 IST: 350 comes up for India in the 100th over. 10.12 IST: Kohli (167*), Ashwin (16*) have played out first half-hour without any hiccups. Ind 349/4 9.57 IST: Broad to Kohli, FOUR!! Intent from Kohli! Bowls it outside off on a fuller length, Kohli covers the line and the slight away swing to open the face of the bat at the last moment to get it through cover-point for a boundary.2nd Test. 95.1: S Broad to V Kohli (162), 4 runs, 338/4 #IndvEng @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) November 18, 20169.45 IST:  Anderson to Kohli, FOUR!! Hard luck, Stokes! Fuller outside off, Kohli goes for the drive through covers. Ben Stokes at covers misfields and allows the ball to go through him. That was bowled with a scrambled seam. Stokes actually got a bad bounce and spin which led to the fumble. Ind 331/4 in 93 ovs 2nd Test. 92.6: J Anderson to V Kohli (156), 4 runs, 331/4 #IndvEng @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) November 18, 20169.40 IST: Ashwin negotiates the second over from Broad without much difficulty. Ind 324/4 in 92 ovs9.35 IST: Six runs conceded by Anderson in the first over, Ind 323/4 in 91 ovs9.32 IST: Anderson to Ashwin, FOUR! Lovely shot! Hurls it outside off, Ashwin leans into it and creams it through extra cover for a superb boundary. Nice start for him. 2nd Test. 90.3: J Anderson to R Ashwin (5), 4 runs, 322/4 #IndvEng @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) November 18, 20169.31 IST: James Anderson will start off the proceedings for England. Virat Kohli on strike. Having won the toss, India made the most of the good batting conditions to notch up a good score on board. Virat Kohli has led the charge for the hosts with an unbeaten 151 and will be itching to ensure they post a massive total. He got able support from Cheteshwar Pujara as they shared a 226-run stand. India lost both Pujara and Rahane in the final session and they will hope that the lower order can hang around with the skipper.England on the other hand, will be relatively pleased with their effort. They came into the game high on confidence but their execution yesterday was far from ideal. They dropped Kohli on 56 and it could very well be a match defining moment. Anderson has picked up three on a wicket which has assisted the spinners and that should disappoint England. They will hope to restrict India as much possible since batting is only going to get tougher from here on. It’s Day Two of #INDvENG in Vizag. Get a ? on the go and follow the action live: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 18, 2016At Stumps on Day 1 of the 2nd Test #TeamIndia are 317/4 (Virat 151*, Ashwin 1*) #INDvENG BCCI (@BCCI) November 17, 2016Day 1 Highlights:Captain Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara made centuries and shared a stand of 226 to put India on course for a big first-innings total against England on the first day of the second Test on Thursday.Kohli was unbeaten on 151 and Ravichandran Ashwin on one as India reached 317 for four at the close after winning the toss in the first ever test match in the port city of Visakhapatnam.On a surface expected to assist the spinners from early on, Kohli had no hesitation in batting but his plans suffered an early jolt. Fit-again opener Lokesh Rahul lasted just five deliveries as fast bowler Stuart Broad dismissed him in his first over.Rahul fell for a duck, hanging his bat away from his body to edge Broad to Ben Stokes at the third slip.His opening partner Murali Vijay looked in good touch, hitting four crisply driven boundaries in his 20 before he fell to James Anderson.ANDERSON STRIKESEngland’s highest test wicket-taker bowled cross seam to extract steep bounce and hit Vijay on his glove for Stokes to complete a simple catch.The wicket marked a successful return for Anderson, who had not played since August with a shoulder injury and replaced fast bowler Chris Woakes in the side.The hosts were struggling on 22-2 when Kohli and Pujara came together.The right-handed pair had few problems in negotiating the English bowlers and their only moments of concerns in the first session were a couple of run-out opportunities.England did not manage to separate the pair before tea, which was taken few minutes earlier after a stray dog ran on to the field and held up play.Pujara survived a England review for leg before against Moeen Ali and brought up his 10th test hundred with his second six off leg-spinner Adil Rashid.Playing his 50th test, Kohli, who was dropped on 56 at fine leg by Rashid off Stokes, pushed Anderson through the covers to register his 14th hundred.Cook tried everything to separate the duo, including asking his bowlers to operate with eight fielders on one side to stem the flow of runs and frustrate the batsmen.Anderson returned to finally break the partnership when Pujara was out on 119 after getting a thick edge to wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow.Kohli then added 68 for the fourth wicket with Ajinkya Rahane before the latter was out for 23 to give Anderson his third scalp. None of England’s spinners managed a wicket on the first day.last_img read more

Pro Volleyball League: Calicut Heroes overcome resurgent U Mumba Volley 3-2

first_imgDay 4 of Pro Volleyball League saw Calicut Heroes register their second win in a thrilling battle against U Mumba Volley (15-10, 12-15, 15-13, 14-15, 15-9). For Calicut, it was yet again Ajith Lal C who played the lead role with 16 points (15 spikes, 1 block) whereas for U Mumba Volley it was skipper Dipesh Kumar Sinha who stood out with 11 points (7 spikes, 3 blocks and 1 serve).After winning the toss, U Mumba Volley decided to serve and got two quick points. Calicut picked up the pace soon with two back-to-back spikes from Lal. At the Technical Time Out (TTO), Calicut led U Mumba by just one point at 8-7. At 11-8, Calicut called for a Super Point and a beautifully executed deception ending with a spike from Lal got them the bonus point. U Mumba made a two-point recovery to 10-14, owing to errors by Iluoni Ngampourou and Jerome Vinith, but a spike from Calicut skipper Vinith closed the set in their favour at 15-10.Both the teams started cautiously in the second, countering each other’s moves and earning on a few unforced errors. At 4-4, Lal came up with a blistering spike to break the parity followed by a mistake by Nick Del Bianco as Calicut got a two-point lead. At 5-6, U Mumba called for a Super Point that they won with an inch-perfect block by Saqlain Tariq to give his team a 7-6 lead.Coordination on the courtCoordination off the courtCelebration #Chembada [email protected] #ThrillKaCall #RuPayPVL Volleyball (@ProVolleyballIN) February 5, 2019Riding on the new lease of energy they won six consecutive points stretching the lead to 12-6. Calicut tried to close the gap climbing up to 12-14 but U Mumba settled the matter with a Tomislav Coskovic spike at 15-12.With a set apiece, the match became a battle of equals. At 6-6, U Mumba took the initiative two consecutive spikes Saqlain Tariq and Del Bianco heading into the TTO at 8-6. At 7-8, U Mumba called for a Super Point but a rock-solid block at the net by Karthik A won Calicut the point and lead at 9-8.U Mumba made a comeback with a spike and serve from Prince to take a one-point lead at 10-9. As the tension built, Coskovic error put U Mumba behind. Calicut had a set point at 14-12 but U Mumba skipper Sinha got his team a point to make it 13-14 but Lal continued his red-hot form to give Calicut a 2-1 lead after three sets.Leading 7-3 in 4th, Calicut committed a handful of errors allowing U Mumba to crawl back in the set. To press the advantage, Calicut called for a Super Point at 9-8, but U Mumba skipper Sinha came with an impressive block to take his team to 10-9. At 10-all U Mumba called for a Super Point and won it with a spike from Shubham that beat a three-man block which was followed by Coskovic’s spike to make it 13-10. Of the next five points, Calicut won four with U Mumba taking just one. At 14-14, Calicut needed one point to win the match while U Mumba needed one to stay alive and got it to take the match to the decider.The decider saw both the teams level at 6-6. Calicut called for a Super Point at 7-6 and converted with Vinith’s spike. Karthik then aced a Super Serve to increase the lead to 11-6 for Calicut. The six-point lead was too steep for U Mumba as the set ended with a service error from Pankaj Sharma at 15-9 and the match 3-2 in favour of Calicut Heroes.last_img read more