Al-Jazeera bureau forced to stop broadcasting Maghreb news programme from Rabat

first_img News Morocco / Western SaharaMiddle East – North Africa April 28, 2021 Find out more Reporters Without Borders calls on the Moroccan authorities to reverse their decision to stop the pan-Arab satellite TV news station Al-Jazeera from broadcasting a daily news programme covering the Maghreb countries from its studios in the Moroccan capital Rabat.“The attitude of the Moroccan authorities is incomprehensible,” the press freedom organisation said. “Al-Jazeera has been broadcasting its special programme on the Maghreb for the past year and a half without any difficulty. The suddenness of this measure and the lack of a valid reason suggests that it was a political decision.”Al-Jazeera’s Rabat bureau received a fax yesterday from the National Agency for Telecom Regulation (ANRT) saying the frequency it used for broadcasting the Maghreb programme was being withdrawn because of “technical and legal problems.”The Qatar-based TV station began producing its daily Maghreb news programme on 17 November 2006. It already had a bureau in Rabat and was obliged to comply with Moroccan regulations.“We submitted a complete dossier to the government’s High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA), including our business registration, our licence, our terms of reference and the station’s charter,” bureau chief Hassan Rachidi told Reporters Without Borders. “But the application was frozen and we began working on the basis of provisional permits renewable ever three months. All our equipment was approved by the ANRT.” The current permit is good until 13 June.“We created a new space for news reporting where none existed before,” Rachidi added. “Thanks to this daily news programme, the public in the Maghreb began taking an interest in what is going on in neighbouring countries.”Al-Jazeera has done many stories on Morocco, including the issue of Western Sahara. On 3 May, it referred to close relations which the late King Hassan had with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. But there is no evidence that this decision was linked to any of these stories.The station has been the target of a great deal of harassment in both the Maghreb and the Middle East, ranging from bureaucratic obstructiveness to the arrest of several of its correspondents. In Morocco, Al-Jazeera was able to open a regional bureau and cover the country’s parliamentary elections last September in detail. April 15, 2021 Find out more to go further Hunger strike is last resort for some imprisoned Moroccan journalists Help by sharing this information News June 8, 2021 Find out more Follow the news on Morocco / Western Saharacenter_img News RSF joins Middle East and North Africa coalition to combat digital surveillance Organisation NSO Group hasn’t kept its promises on human rights, RSF and other NGOs say Receive email alerts News May 7, 2008 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Al-Jazeera bureau forced to stop broadcasting Maghreb news programme from Rabat Morocco / Western SaharaMiddle East – North Africa RSF_en last_img read more

Governor-elect Shumlin to keep Jim Reardon as commissioner of finance

first_imgGovernor-elect Shumlin announced today that budget veteran Jim Reardon will continue as the Commissioner of Finance and Management. Commissioner Reardon is widely recognized for his ability to resolve longstanding financial reporting problems and for his abilities to develop agency budgets, goals, policies and work with the legislature on crafting the state budget. Reardon has served both Republican and Democratic governors in positions relating to the development and execution of budgets.‘Commissioner Reardon knows the state budget better than anyone else I know,’ said Governor-elect Shumlin. ‘His ability to keep the state on a steady course in good times and in bad is invaluable and I am deeply grateful for his willingness to continue on in his role as Commissioner.’Jim Readon has been employed in state service since 1986. Prior to becoming Commissioner, he served as Deputy Commissioner from August 2003 until February 2005. From October 1994 until August 2003 he was Financial Operations Manager for the Agency of Human Services, assisting in the development of agency budgets, goals, policies, and operational plans and acting as a legislative liaison with respect to fiscal policy and budget management.‘The state budget is the single most important document a governor presents to the Legislature,’ said Reardon. ‘It sets the priorities and direction for the State , and in these difficult times, it’s essential that we get it right. I am honored to work with Governor-Elect Shumlin and other members of his team to keep the state on a steady course through these challenging times.’Reardon graduated from Bentley College in Waltham, MA, with a B.S. in Accountancy. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Vermont Society of Certified Public Accountants. He recently became the National Governor’s Association Representative on the Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council and resides with his wife in Essex Town, VT. Source: Shumlin’s office. 11.23.2010last_img read more

A Message from ENO: 5 Ways to Keep Warm in Your Hammock

first_imgHammocking, or ‘mocking for the cool kids, is taking the outdoors by storm. But temperatures are dropping, thus the risk of the Cold Butt Syndrome (the scientific name for when your rear end gets, well, cold) is increasing. There are ways to battle the chill however, so here’s a quick roundup of the dos and don’ts of staying warm in your ENO hammock.Don’t rely on JUST your sleeping bag. – Sleeping bags work by using their thickness to prevent your body heat from escaping. The thicker the bag, the more heat will be kept inside. An awesome trick for tent camping or general warming up, but not so great when you’re in an ENO. When laying in a hammock, your body, specifically pressure points (think hips/shoulders/calves,) compresses the insulation and reduces the loft. As a result, what was once a 5” thick bag capable of a temp rating of 25 ° F, becomes a ½” thick bag that wouldn’t keep your butt warm on a cooler summer evening. Swopping your bag out for a Top and Under Quilt, or using your bag in conjunction with an Under Quilt is a wonderful answer to this potentially freezing situation.Cover your ends. – You lose heat fastest from your feet and head, so it makes sense to cover them up with cuddly warmth. Get some warm socks and a good winter cap to keep them happy.mic1Get a sleeping pad. – There are some stiff pads out there, but try to find one that can mold and be cut into a smaller strip so that it doesn’t affect the way you actually sleep at night. This will also add another layer of insulation underneath your tush.Up your snack game. – Maybe your dinner was only an hour ago, but putting some food in your belly – especially complex carbohydrate deliciousness like Snickers bars – will help keep your body burning the fuel to keep it warm. Adding ginger to your bites is also a good idea – not only does it warm you up, but it boosts your immune system to help keep those annoying winter bugs at bay.up-your-snack-game-picUtilize the Under Quilt. – EVO quilts work similarly to sleeping bags, but wrap underneath and around you (think a warm, quilted hug), axing the risk of loft compression. Instead, the Under Quilt effectively traps in heat pockets, allowing you to re-use your body heat to stay warm.underquilt2Check out this short video for more info on how to better utilize your ENO Hammock! read more

Buttner: Win good for confidence

first_img “We are the players and if we lose we have to look to ourselves but I think we did well against Shakhtar,” the Dutch left-back said. “It is hard for everyone when we don’t win at home. That is why we fought for every ball and you could see everyone doing that. “It was good for the team and after recent games to win is good for confidence. It was a very important win. “We have been a bit unlucky in the league but we have done well in the Champions League and hopefully we can go on a run in the league and beat Villa in the next game.” Buttner was deputising for the injured Patrice Evra against the Ukrainian club but after only 20 minutes of football since the end of October he started to struggle late on and was eventually replaced by Antonio Valencia. Moyes said Evra’s injury was not too serious so the Frenchman may well come back for the Villa game but Buttner is ready to take his chance should the opportunity arise. “I had cramp in my calf because I’ve not played for a long time, that was my first game in a month and the last few minutes I was tired,” he added. “I am okay for the weekend. I don’t know whether Patrice’s injury is bad. The 1-0 win courtesy of Phil Jones’ second-half strike ensured David Moyes’ side topped Group A and avoided a third successive home defeat for the first time since 1962. United have not won in the Premier League since November 10 when they beat leaders Arsenal at Old Trafford but they head to Villa Park on Sunday looking to get their season back on track. Manchester United defender Alex Buttner admits the players do look at their own performances when results go badly but hopes their Champions League victory over Shakhtar Donetsk will provide a springboard to improved domestic results. “It is nice to play more games and I hope I can play but I have to wait as it will be the choice of the manager.” Striker Wayne Rooney, captain for the night, admitted victory was the only acceptable outcome after their recent struggles. “The most important thing was to get back to winning ways and top the group so we’ve done that,” he told “It could have been better at times but thankfully we got the win. (It was) win at all costs – after the last two games we knew it was vital. “We got a good result and if you’d have said beforehand that we’d win the game after the last two results, we’d have certainly taken that. “The campaign has been good this year in Europe so we just have to try and get that consistency in all our games, whether it is Europe or the Premier League. “Hopefully we can do that in the upcoming games and get back in a good position.” Press Associationlast_img read more

The Indie Filmmaker’s Guide to Low- or No-Budget Location Scouting

first_imgSo you’re making a film, and there’s no budget for location scouting and management. No problem — here’s how you handle it yourself.You’ve got your script, your cast and crew is lined up, and all your gear is in order. But where are you going to shoot your film? Location scouting and management can be a daunting task, and it’s usually something that independent filmmakers don’t have budgets for.For low- to no-budget filming, the director or producer will have to take on this responsibility themselves. So here’s what you need to know.Keep It CloseYou’re producing a low-budget feature. The script breakdown calls for twenty locations. Where do you start? According to location manager Aaron Holloway, LMGI, “When you look at a script, focus solely on the main locations; don’t get caught up on all the secondary locations. Find the most important location, then find all the other smaller bits within 10 to 15 miles of it.”To save time and money during production, you want as many — if not all — of your locations to be within 10 to 15 miles. “If you have stuff all over the map, you’re not gonna make your days!” advises Holloway. Time management is critical on set, and if you have to take half the day for a company move to drive across the city when you could have just driven down the street you’ll set yourself up for failure. The closer together your locations are, the better.Know Where NOT to LookIf you have a large crew and lots of actors, it honestly may be more difficult to secure certain locations, especially if you don’t have a budget to pay for permits and lockdowns. While location scouting, you may come across certain locations that would be perfect for the scene: the set dressing is spot on, and it matches the period of the film — it’s an ideal location! However, if you know that you can’t fit your crew inside the building, or if all the gear vans and crew parking would cause road blockage or dangerous fire hazards, you may have to move on and compromise with a different location.Filmmaker Zach Ramelan talks about his experience with guerrilla location scouting in this video tutorial. Take a Lot of PhotosWhen you do come across a location that just might work for your crew size, budget, etc., be sure to take a lot of photos! Take the highest resolution you can, get every angle. Capture the small details and don’t just shoot one way! Even if the camera is only going to face one direction take pictures of the reverse. Go outside and take pictures. Walk around the neighborhood, and snap some photos. Cover everything in, around, and nearby.This gives your director and production designer (or yourself) ample coverage of the location to plan direction and set dressing — or where to stage equipment or set up hair, makeup, crafty, etc. Plus, areas outside the intended location may be suitable for another setting in the film, which could save the production time and knock out multiple scenes at once.For more on location scouting, check out our interview with supervising location manager Robert Foulkes.Image via Summit Entertainment.Power Sources and AudioLook around for electrical outlets. How many are there, and how far apart are they? It may help to sketch out a map of the location and note the outlets. Be sure to test them, too. It’d be a shame to show up on set and find out that none of the outlets actually work.Also test for sound. If you can, bring a microphone and do some sample recordings, testing for echoes and how sound reverberates in the space, or how intrusive the nearby roads really are.Securing the LocationOnce you and your director decide on your locations, you’ll have to go back out and secure them. Be kind, be humble, but don’t take “no” for an answer! Here’s Holloway’s advice:If a gas station says ‘no,’ return six hours later. Keep running up the channels, talk to all the managers if you have to. Show them how passionate you are about it and how perfect it is for the project.Remember, you need to keep a cool head and be likable, not taking “no” for an answer doesn’t mean being a jerk and throwing your weight around.It’s kinda like a game of poker. When you find the perfect location, you don’t want to play your hands wrong. You have to find a way to break through to them as people, and show that you’re a person too. You’re not trying to exploit them. You have to find a way to show that you really love and care for their location and you’re just trying to make art.Take a few classes on sales, body language, and rapport, if you have to, but work your way up the channels and get that location locked. Consult with your local film commission about acquiring the proper location release forms to get it in writing and to make sure you don’t get caught up in any legal problems, should confusion or trouble arise with the owner of the property.Don’t Burn Your LocationsWhen you’re finished shooting, the location should look as though you’ve never been there. Document how the location looks before your crew sets up, and be sure it looks the same when you leave. Take extra precautions not to damage or stain the floors, and avoid putting holes in walls or breaking the decor or furniture. Obviously this will help prevent you from paying for repairs, but ultimately you want to make sure you stay in the good graces of the property owner. (If you ruin their property, you’ll never be able to shoot there again.) As you make more and more projects, you’ll want to develop a catalog of locations that you can rely on.Lights, Camera, Action!Image via Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Paramount).There’s so much more to location scouting and managing (as with any department in film), but this will get you started finding and securing locations for your next project. And as with every aspect of filmmaking, get creative! Depending on how you shoot and dress the set, you could change a location’s look entirely. Be creative, and use some movie magic to pull off your best work.Cover image via zlikovec.Looking for more film and video production tips? Check these out.How to Cut an Effective Trailer for Your Next Film or VideoHow to Overcome the 5 Biggest Obstacles in Writing Your ScreenplayEvery Stressed Out Cinematographers Best Friend: The Pre-LightWhat We Can Learn from Editing with the Coen BrothersHow to Create a Harry Potter-Inspired Flashback in After Effectslast_img read more

Michigan State Takes Over As Consensus No. 1 In College Basketball Polls

first_imgCollege Basketball polls for week 7 of the season.Twitter/@MSU_BasketballLast week saw a major shake-up at the top of the college basketball world, and it is definitely reflected in the updated AP and Coaches Polls. After Kentucky fell at UCLA and Maryland dropped to former No. 1 UNC, we have a new top team: the Michigan State Spartans. Tom Izzo’s club is 9-0, and followed up by Kansas in the AP, and Iowa State in the Coaches Poll. The Spartans are the new No. 1 according to the latest USA TODAY Coaches Poll.— Spartan Basketball (@MSU_Basketball) December 7, 2015Here are both full Top 25 polls:AP Poll:1. Michigan State2. Kansas3. North Carolina4. Iowa State5. Kentucky6. Maryland7. Oklahoma8. Duke9. Villanova10. Virginia11. Purdue12. Xavier13. Arizona14. West Virginia15. Providence16. Baylor17. Miami (FL)18. Butler19. SMU20. Gonzaga21. Vanderbilt22. Louisville23. Cincinnati24. Oregon25. UtahUSA Today Coaches Poll:1. Michigan State2. Iowa State3. North Carolina4. Kentucky5. Duke6. Villanova7. Kansas8. Oklahoma9. Maryland10. Virginia11. Purdue12. Arizona13. Xavier14. West Virginia15. Baylor16. Vanderbilt17. Gonzaga18. Providence19. Louisville20. Miami (FL)21. Butler22. Cincinnati23. Oregon24. Utah25. Texas A&Mlast_img read more

OSM Ventis to Provide Crew for K Lines LNG Fleet

first_imgzoom Ship management company OSM Crew Management has signed a joint venture agreement with crewing agency Ventis to provide Filipino crew for K Line’s entire LNG fleet.The memorandum of understanding (MOU) for establishing the JV was inked at a meeting in Manila on April 18.“This development cements the strategic manning relationship between our organizations and signifies the high quality of OSM Crew Management to be selected as a global manning partner and JV partner for K Line,” Tommy Olofsen, Managing Director for OSM Crew Management, said.Within the next four years, the number of K Line Group LNG vessels is expected to grow to about 20, according to OSM.Today, OSM has a total of more than 1,000 LNG crew in the crew pool and more than 650 on board.Headquartered in London, K Line LNG Shipping (UK) is working as a ship manager, shipowner and regional agent in the marine transportation of LNG. Since its founding, the company has taken delivery of eight LNG carriers and is now entering the next phase of fleet expansion.last_img read more

Pitchin Community Clean Up Week

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – City staff are inviting you to show your civic pride and participate in Pitch-in Community Clean Up Week.Community registration forms will be available on May 1st, gearing up for Pitch-In Week which starts May 25th and runs till May 27th.Honorariums will be awarded on a first come first serve basis shares the City and the deadline to register is May 13, 4:30 pm. You can pick up a registration form in person at the Visitor Centre, City Hall or CLICK HERE.Completed forms can be returned back to the Visitor Centre, City Hall or emailed to the Community Development Coordinator at [email protected] Event Page; CLICK HEREFor the City’s webpage; CLICK HERElast_img read more

Cheat arrested for forging dead mans signature

first_imgNEW DELHI: A man, in an attempt of cheating, forged the signature of a dead. But later he got caught as the date mentioned on the forged signature was of December 2009 date while the man whose signature was forged died in July 2009.A case was registered on the complaint of Dharmender Yadav, a resident of Village Kanganheri, Badu Sarai Road. He complained that the accused Sanjay forged the signature of late Bharat Lal on a receipt allegedly dated December 3, 2009, upon which the said deceased along with his brothers were shown to have received a sum of Rs. 34,50,000 for allegedly selling an agricultural land situated in the revenue state of Village Pandwala Kalan, New Delhi. Whereas, the said Bharat Lal died on July 6, 2009. The accused produced the said forged receipt before the Delhi High Court as the proof of the land deal. On April 13, in a drive to catch the absconded accused, a police team minutely scrutinized the details about him and zeroed on his possible hideouts, contacts and other details. The efforts of the police team yielded result when the team apprehended Sanjay from Old tehsil, Gurugram and booked him under section 41.1 CrPC. On further enquiry, it was learnt that a reward of Rs. 20,000 was declared upon him by the Delhi Police. “Accused Sanjay was born in Kanganheri village, New Delhi. He studied up to 12th standard. Thereafter, he started working as an accomplice to a property dealer,” said Ram Gopal Naik, DCP crime.last_img read more

Over Rs 1L seized from Bharati Ghoshs car at West Midnapore

first_imgKolkata: More than one lakh rupees was seized from former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh’s car late on Thursday night at Pingla in West Midnapore, where election is scheduled to be held on Sunday.According to sources, on Thursday night at around 10:45 pm, Ghosh was returning from election campaign in a car bearing registration number WB 02 AG 6684. It was intercepted in a naka-checking point at Mundumari in Pingla. It has been alleged that despite repeated instructions by police officials, Ghosh refused to stop and let her car be checked. Immediately, senior police and Election Commission officials were informed and after a few kilometres near Mondalbari, Ghosh’s car was intercepted again. This time the car was thoroughly checked and sleuths found Rs 1,13,000 from the vehicle. According to the rules and regulations of an election, a candidate can carry a maximum Rs 50,000, along with proper documents. As Ghosh was carrying more than the stipulated amount, she violated the norms. Police seized the money and asked Ghosh to sign on the seizure list, which she denied. She claimed that she had around Rs 49,000 and the rest of the amount belonged to other passengers of the car. Ghosh alleged that police personnel had asked them to put the money in one bag, which was later seized and shown as her money. According to sources, at the time of search and seizure, Ghosh got involved in an altercation with the police personnel. She demanded that all others inside the car must be allowed to sign on the seizure list as well, as their money had also been seized. Ghosh was later detained and taken to the police station for questioning. Almost after three hours at around 2 am, she was released. On Friday, police lodged a complaint and initiated an FIR against her. The information of Thursday night’s incident was also conveyed to the Election Commission in the state. On Friday afternoon, information was forwarded to the Election Commission of India for necessary action.last_img read more